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New ADVICS Brake Star

ADVICS Brake Star

Aisin Asia Private Limited recently launched a new range of brake pad called ‘ADVICS Brake Star’ that is said to provide a well-balanced brake performance in all 3 essential brake pad qualities – braking effectiveness, comfortable and smooth braking effect, and longer brake pad life.

Introducing the Innovative ADVICS Brake Star for Enhanced Performance

It is described as suitable for all types of national, Japanese and Korean passenger car models. More importantly, the ADVICS Brake Star is seen as environmental-friendly and safe to use with high friction coefficient, Non-Asbestos Organic (NAO) and Copper-free materials.

Besides ADVICS Brake Star, ADVICS has other high quality brake pad series specially designed for sport cars, luxury passenger cars and light commercial vehicles.

The brand name of ADVICS is derived from Advanced Intelligent Chassis Systems. Behind the ADVICS brand is the combined expertise and technology of four leading companies. Aisin Seiki Co, Ltd, Denso Corporation, Toyota Motor Corporation and Sumitomo Electric Industries Ltd came together in 2001 with a shared vision to create the best brake system in the world. ADVICS was born after that meeting.

Today, ADVICS is seen as one of the world-leading suppliers of brake systems, providing premium quality brake systems and components to most leading car makers throughout the world. It is said that ADVICS brake components provide safety and comfort supported by its well-established technical prowess. The wide product line-up achieved through its technical advancements could respond to the needs of virtually every type of vehicle from motorcycles to trucks. As one of the leading suppliers in the world for integrating a full range of brake-related products from basic brake components to advanced brake electronic system, it prides itself highly in exceeding customer expectation for consistently delivering  high quality brake system components to our customers.

ADVICS is said to be trusted by most leading car makers for providing the highest quality brake foundation and actuation system: brake pads, brake callipers and disc rotors to brake boosters and cylinders. Other products that the company produces include ESC (Electronic Stability Control), ABS (Anti-Lock Brake System), vehicle safety enhancement features that are environmental friendly such as Electronic Parking Brake, Traction Control System and Regenerative Braking System, among others.

ADVICS has a global network for the development, production and sale of its products with facilities in North America, Central America, Asia, and Europe. In addition, the company has world-class testing facilities used and trusted by most car makers in meeting stringent OEM quality expectation. ADVICS also adapts its OE quality know-how to aftermarket products and customers could continue to enjoy a ‘smooth, comfortable and safe driving experience’ using ADVICS core expertise in brake-related systems.

全新ADVICS Brake Star

爱信亚洲私人有限公司(Aisin Asia Private Limited  )最近推介一款称为“ADVICS Brake Star” 的全新制动片 。据悉该款制动片除了寿命较长,还可提供均匀的制动性能– 高效制动 、舒适及顺畅的制动反应,而这三点正是制动片的基本素质 。

它适合所有的 国产、日本及韩国轿车车款 。更重要的是,采用高摩擦系数、无石棉有机、无铜材料制成的ADVICS Brake Star ,既环保又安全。

爱德克斯( ADVICS)除了ADVICS Brake Star , 还 拥有其他特别为跑车、豪华驾车及轻卡而设计的优质制片系列。

ADVICS 品牌是Advanced Intelligent Chassis Systems 的缩写。爱德克斯 背后结合了4家领先公司的专门知识及科技。2001年,爱信精机株式会社、(Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd) 、电装株式会社( Densor Corporation ) 、丰田汽车及 住友电气工业有限公司因共同拥有一个制造全世界最佳制动系统的愿景而集合在一起,而爱德克斯就是该聚会的产物。

今天,爱德克斯被视为世界领先的制动系统供应商之一,为世界各地的大部分领先汽车制造商提供优质的制动系统和制动组件。 据悉,爱德克斯凭借着其著名的技术实力,为全球提供安全和舒适的制动组件 。它不断进步的科技可,使它能推出迎合每一种车辆,从摩托车至卡车不同需求的广泛产品系列。作为世界制动相关产品,从基本制动组件到领先制动电子系统的综合制造商 之一,爱德克斯为自己总能超越客户期望,为他们提供品质一致的优质制动系统组件而深感自豪。

据说爱德克斯凭借着最高品质的制动基础和制动驱动系统:制动片、制动卡钳、盘式制动转子、制动助力器及制动缸而深受领先汽车制造商信任。该公司制造的产品包括ESC( 电子稳定控制)、ABS ( 防锁紧制动系统)、环保车辆安全加强特点产品如电子泊车制动片、牵引力控制系统及再生制动系统等。

爱德克斯在全球拥有发展、生产及销售产品网络,并在北美、美国中部、亚洲及欧洲设有工厂。此外,该公司拥有大部分汽车制造商信任和使用的世界级测试设施,以迎合严格的原装配备(OEM) 品质期望。爱德克斯也将其原装配备品质知识运用在后市场产品上,这些与制动相关系统的核心专门知识,让客户能够继续享有“顺畅、舒适及安全的驾驶经验”。

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