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Nexen Tire Malaysia Launches N’fera SU4

Nexen Tire N’fera SU4

Nexen Tire Malaysia unveiled its new N’fera SU4 tyre recently, which is an ultra-high performance multi-purpose comfort tyre.

N’fera SU4 Tyre Offers Well-Balanced Performance

The launch of this new product demonstrates the company’s relentless efforts in providing the Malaysian consumers with an enhanced driving experience, especially on the wet surfaces.

According to the company, the new N’fera SU4 tyre handles and grips perfectly on the wet surfaces with good energy efficiency and mileage, as well as a comfortable riding experience. Its high grip compound and asymmetric tread design provides optimal road holding and channels water away to provide an unmatched braking performance. The outstanding steering response during high-speed cornering is achieved through the tyre’s optimal structure and blocks. Furthermore, with the new innovative compound, the N’fera SU4, Nexen Tire Malaysia claims could deliver excellent energy efficiency without sacrificing mileage.

The new 4D compound technology, stressed the company, is the key to achieving the well-balanced, all-rounded performance the N’fera SU4 offers. Coupled with their cutting-edge Tire Profile Optimisation Simulation (POS) and Hydro Evacuation Simulation (HES) technology, this could not only optimise road holding performance but also improve handling stable braking performance under every type of driving condition.

In terms of construction, this new tyre utilises high tensile steel belts that noticeably improve the braking function. The company explained that this helps to optimise grip pressure and stress dispersion through the Optimised Best Contour System (OBCS). Its jointless bead wire and high hardness bead filler increases high speed stability and provides a comfortable ride, while its high module carcass minimises tyre deformation and helps maintain the tyre’s shape and benefits the driving stability with the Optimised Carcass Contour System (OCCS).

Other features include 4 wide longitudinal grooves that provides optimal anti-hydroplaning and water drainage performance, a high stiffness rib for precision handling at high speeds, a claw shaped groove that is designed to enhance traction performance on wet road, and a large shoulder block that improves the handing performance. Another feature also available is a rim protector for better protection against outer shock rim scratches.

Nexen tyres is distributed by HT Performance Tyre Sdn Bhd in Malaysia.

大马耐克森轮胎发布N’fera SU4

马来西亚耐克森轮胎近期发布新产品—N’fera SU4,一条超高性能又舒适的多用途轮胎。此新品发布会展示了该公司努力不懈地提升马来西亚消费者的驾驶经验,特别是在湿地表层的性能表现。

据该公司表示,全新的N’fera SU4具有完美的湿地操控和抓地力,节油、高里程数及驾乘舒适性。它采用高抓地力复合胶料制成,再加上不对称的花纹设计,优化道路操控和排水,带来无与伦比的制动性能。优化的轮胎结构和块状花纹,实现高速拐弯的卓越转向盘反应。此外,马来西亚耐克森轮胎宣称N’fera SU4的创新复合胶料,能够在不牺牲里程数下,拥有优越的节油效率。

该公司强调,全新的4D复合胶料技术是N’fera SU4得以实现均衡,全面性能表现的关键。再加上,轮胎轮廓优化模拟(POS)和排水模拟(HES)技术,不仅优化轮胎的操控性能,也能够改善该轮胎在每一种驾驶情况下的稳定操控制动性能。

在轮胎结构方面,这款新轮胎采用高强度钢带,大大提高制动功能。该公司解释说,通过最佳优化轮廓系统(OBCS)可优化抓地压力的分散。其无接缝钢丝胎圈和高硬度“三角胶”(bead filler) 提升高速稳定性和舒适乘驾,而其以优化胎体轮廓系统(OCCS)制成的高模量胎体,除了能够降低轮胎变形,也帮助轮胎保持其形状和带来稳定的驾驶。


耐克森轮胎在马来西亚由HT Performance Tyre私人有限公司负责分销。

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