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Prinx Chengshan Hosts Thailand Distributors Conference

Prinx Chengshan Distributors Conference
Prinx Chengshan Distributors Conference

On  20th October, 2023, Prinx Chengshan‘s Thailand Fortune Tire PCR Distributors Conference concluded successfully.

Prinx Chengshan Reveal Development Plans

Distributors from Thailand gathered in Pattaya, coming together to learn about Prinx Chengshan‘s internationalisation strategy, advanced technological developments, and product planning for the Thai market. They also visited the company’s tyre manufacturing facility in Thailand, which is at the forefront of green and smart development. This conference helped further strengthen consensus, enhance collaboration, and work together to shape the future.

As a representative enterprise of China’s new tyre intelligent manufacturing pursuing an internationalisation strategy, Prinx Chengshan has been deeply rooted in the Asia-Pacific market for many years. Currently, the company has deployed various products across different segments of the Thai market. Over the years, it has established a stable and high-quality sales and service network, providing strong support to its Thai partners. The successful convening of this distributors conference once again reaffirms the high regard that Thai customers have for Prinx Chengshan.

Fast product iteration, high quality, and ample production capacity are crucial foundations for Prinx Chengshan‘s deep-rooted presence in the Asia-Pacific market and its commitment to excellent customer service. Zhang Yougan, General Manager of Prinx Chengshan Tire (Thailand) Company, extended a warm welcome to the distributors’ visit and, during the subsequent tour, shared the leading achievements of the company’s Thailand tyre production base in terms of informatisation and automation.

During this distributors conference, the company introduced a complete range of passenger vehicle products tailored for the Thai market, offering a wide selection of products to help distributors better meet diverse customer needs. Prinx Chengshan‘s International Sales Center Director, Chu Xiaohua, stated in her speech at the conference that in the future, Prinx Changshan will further empower partners in various aspects, including branding, channels, products, and service ecosystems, to create high-quality products and experiences. This will lead to innovative upgrades for the brand and create more value for all distributors.

The continuous development of overseas markets and the successful establishment of the brand image would not have been possible without the dedication and efforts of every distributor partner. The conference also featured an award ceremony to recognise outstanding distributor partners who have made exceptional contributions. Attendees expressed that through this conference, they gained a clearer understanding of Prinx Chengshans future development plans and a better sense of the direction for progress.

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