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Setia Tyre: Safety Comes First with Maruni Tyre Repair Products

Setia Tyre Maruni Products

Since its inception in 1985, Setia Tyre Repair Product (M) Sdn Bhd has been involved with  car and tyre repair products and tools.

Setia Tyre Focuses on Proper Tyre Repair

Today, the company is one of the leading suppliers in Malaysia with the widest range of the tyre repair products and tools in the local market.

“In 2018, we were appointed by Maruni Tyre Repair as one of their distributors in Malaysia. Two years after that appointment, we have become their sole distributor in the country. Maruni was founded in 1914 as a specialised manufacturer of puncture tyre repair materials for bicycle tyres. With the dramatic development of motorisation, Maruni has advanced with time and evolved as a comprehensive repair material manufacturer, covering motorcycles, passenger cars, trucks, buses and heavy-construction equipment,” said Managing Director S.H. Chia.

Being a tyre repair specialist, Chia stressed the importance of proper tyre repair. Currently, he said, most of the tyre repairs that have been carried out are temporary repairs using string plugs, which are not Maruni products and don’t vulcanise properly, as the plugs are form of sticky type. This, he pointed out is currently the quickest, easiest and most inexpensive way of repairing a punctured tyre…..

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自1985 年成立以来,诚信轮胎修补产品有限公司就一直经营着汽车和轮胎维修产品和工具业务。今天,该公司是马来西亚领先,拥有最广泛轮胎维修产品和工具的供应商。

董事经理谢诗发表示:“2018 年,我们被玛罗尼(Maruni)轮胎修补委任为他们在马来西亚的经销商之一。两年后,我们成为他们在国内的唯一经销商。 玛罗尼成立于1914年,是一家专业生产自行车轮胎穿孔修补材料的制造商。随着机动化的迅猛发展,玛罗尼与时俱进,发展成为一家全面的修补材料制造商,产品涵盖摩托车、乘用车、卡车、公共汽车和重型建筑设备。”

作为轮胎修补专家,谢诗发强调正确修补轮胎的重要性。他说,目前的轮胎修补大多是使用修补胶条(srting plug)的临时修补。这不是玛罗尼的产品,这些粘性的修补胶条不能正确硫化。他指出,这是目前修复轮胎穿孔最快、最简单,也是最便宜的方法…..。


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