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Swee Hing Tyres Celebrates 50 Years of Excellence

Swee Hing Tyres

A milestone year arrived for Johor Bahru-based Swee Hing Tyres Sdn Bhd as it celebrated its golden jubilee on 20th November, 2022.

Swee Hing Tyres Achieves Another Milestone

Held at Pekin Restaurant, Johor Jaya, the grand dinner was attended by 850 guests. The VIPs included Richard Tay, Managing Director, YHI International; HT Tan, Honorary President, Malaysia Association of Tyre Dealers and Retreaders (MATRDS); Akira Nakamoto, Managing Director, Yokohama Malaysia; Yoong Pak Shing, Former Sales Director, Goodyear Malaysia; Chuah Han Yong, Former Director, Sime Tyres; Masaomi Kono, Vice President, Toyo Malaysia; Calvin Wong, Head of Sales, Continental Malaysia and Book Dangrojana, Managing Director, Michelin Malaysia.

Managing Director Chuan Koon Seng gave a brief summary of the company’s background. Established in the 1970s, he said Swee Hing Tyres’ history dated back to the 1960s with its former namesake at Jalan Wong Ah Fook. “My previous boss at the time had a joint venture with a friend but the business was not successful, so he went back to Singapore, leaving behind a pile of debt and an empty shop. I took over the company in 1972 and had to work day and night to pay off the debt. This continued for 2-3 years before I gained the trust and support of customers. In 1975, Ng Koon Seng from Dunlop and Yong Pak Shing, one of our VIPs, gave me the opportunity to directly open an account with them. It was a rare honour then which I am very grateful for. In 1978, my ex-boss, Tan and I set up Sulate Enterprise…….

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11月20日,瑞兴轮胎在柔佛再也北京餐厅设宴,隆重庆祝成立五十周年,共有850位宾客到场共襄盛举。贵宾包括友发国际董事经理郑添和、马来西亚轮胎商总会(MATRDS)名誉主席陈贤通、横滨马来西亚董事经理 Akira Nakamoto、固特异前销售总监 Yoong Pak Shing、森那美前董事Chuah Han Yong、马来西亚东洋轮胎副总裁 Masaomi Kono、马来西亚马牌销售主管 Calvin Wong 和马来西亚米其林董事经理 Book Dangrojana。

董事经理庄坤兴简要介绍了公司的背景。他说,成立于1970年代的瑞兴轮胎的历史可以追溯到1960年代,其前身位于黄亚福路 (Jalan Wong Ah Fook)。 “我的前任老板与一位朋友合资做生意,但并不成功,他留下一堆债务和一家空店,返回新加坡。 1972年,我接手公司,日以继夜地工作来还债。这样持续了两三年,才得到了客户的信任和支持。1975年,南洛的Ng Koon Seng和我们的贵宾之一Yong Pak Shing 给了我直接从他们那里购买轮胎的机会。这是一个难得的荣誉,我非常感激。1978年,我和我的前任老板Tan成立了Sulate企业…….


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