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Taiping Tyre & Apollo Tyres Exclusive Event at Hard Rock Hotel Penang

Taiping Tyre Apollo Tyres

Apollo Tyres (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd and its pioneer northern region distributor, Taiping Tyre Sdn Bhd, jointly hosted an exclusive event at the Hard Rock Hotel, one of the popular luxury beach hotels, in Penang last year.

Exclusive Event at Hard Rock Hotel Penang Hosted by Taiping Tyre & Apollo Tyres

According to the company, the venue was specially chosen to thank its dealer and show its appreciation for their dedication and efforts in promoting Apollo brand and products.

Held on 17th December, 2017, the exclusive event was well attended by 150 dealers invited by Taiping Tyre. The highlights were marketing plans, product knowledge and presentation, and sales promotion.

“Growing brand awareness is a priority for us. We will continue to focus strongly on marketing investment and programmes to promote Apollo brand in Malaysia through partnership with Taiping Tyre. We believe that with their 30 years of experience in the industry and extensive network, we are able to grow the business together and take the Apollo brand to the next level,” said Victor Siew, Division Head of Apollo Tyres Malaysia.

The Global Partnership with Manchester United, continued Siew, supported Apollo Tyres’ business expansion plans especially in India, Middle East, Africa and Southeast Asia, including Malaysia.

“This partnership and various campaigns helped Apollo Tyres to position its brand and products in the minds of consumers globally. These efforts also helped us to connect with young people, increasing awareness of the Apollo brand.”

Siew also revealed that the 1-year unconditional warranty that the company offered last year received encouraging response. “This offer is an addition to our standard 5 years manufacturer’s warranty and covers incidents such as accidental tyre damage or impact breaks for better peace of mind. With this offer, we are assuring our dealers and consumers that we have great confidence in our product quality, durability and performance. On top of these, the Apollo brand offers better margins.”

Following the formalities was the lucky draw by Taiping Tyre, which saw many dealers walking away with attractive prizes.


槟城Hard Rock酒店主办独家活动

去年,阿波罗轮胎(马来西亚)私人有限公司和其北马区经销商太平轮胎(Taiping Tyre)私人有限公司联手在Hard Rock酒店,槟城著名的豪华海滩酒店之一,主办度假活动。


共有150名代理受太平轮胎之邀,出席这个在2017 年12月17日盛大举行的独家活动。活动重点有行销计划、产品知识、介绍及销售优惠。




萧俊凯透露说, 该公司去年推出1年无条件保修获得市场上的良好反应。“这是附加于5年原厂保固期上的额外优惠,包含轮胎损坏和冲击爆裂,让消费者能够安心使用。 透过这项优惠,我们向代理和消费者保证我们的产品品质、耐用性及性能。此外,阿波罗品牌还提供更好的里程数。”


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