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TECH Celebrates the 80th Anniversary of the Tyre Repair Innovation

TECH Anniversary Tyre Innovation

Millions of miles of road are traveled globally on passenger and light truck tyres that have been repaired by TECH products.

TECH Tyre Repair Brand Marks 80th Anniversary  

Daniel Gene Layne, Chief executive officer, Technical Rubber Company (TRC), presides over the celebration of the 80th year for the brand “TECH” for executives and distributors throughout Asia at Pullman Bangkok King Power.

TECH was founded in 1939 in Ohio, USA and pioneered a Cold Vulcanising Technology that repaired tyres without heat, the technology has been applied in the tyre repair process until the present day.

TECH global business is headquartered and managed in Johnstown, Ohio, with group offices in Lisburn, Northern Ireland; Turnhout, Belgium; Rovereto, Italy; Shanghai, China; Tokyo, Japan; and Sao Paulo, Brazil.

TECH is one of the companies under management by TRC which is a company with a wide range of brands such as Truflex/PANG™Pang Industry, Salvadori and Quik fix. The main policy that the company adheres to over the past period is to create and apply quality materials to take care and extend the lifespan of the tyre to be fully integrated and environmentally friendly.

In addition, TECH also the first company to develop professional tyre repair training course for tire technicians and interested person with the goal to be able to analyse and repair the tyres correctly, in order to reduce the problem of leakage from the original repair and reduce the accident from the tyre explosion caused by improper tyre repair.

TECH has developed products and create new innovations continuously, especially Gray Gum Technology, which is the copyright of TECH and the Uni-Seal Ultra which has been tested and recognised as the best and safest for permanent tyre patching method for nails hole repair that has gained widespread popularity around the world.

At present TECH International (SE ASIA) established in Thailand is the headquarters of Southeast Asia have sales offices , warehouses located , customer service centres and  training centres and warehouses to distribute products with more than 10,000 items for domestic customers and countries in Southeast Asia.

Millions of miles of road are traveled globally on passenger and light truck tyres that have been repaired by TECH products. When a nail or other debris damages a tyre, tyre repair shops rely on products from TRC Companies that permanently repair tyre damage. Customers can contact the manufacturers and distributors of our products in more than 95 countries around the world.

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泰克庆祝轮胎修补创新80 周年

科技橡胶公司(Technical Rubber Company,简称TRC)首席执行员莱恩(Gene Layne)于曼谷普尔曼王权酒店(Pullman Bangkok King Power)主持泰克(TECH) 品牌80周年纪念,该亚洲的公司执行员与经销商踊跃出席,共襄盛举。



泰克是TRC旗下的公司之一,拥有许多的品牌,如Truflex/PANG Pang Industry、Salvadori及Quik fix。过去这些年该公司秉承的政策是创造和使用优质原材料,来照顾和延长轮胎的寿命,实现全面结合和环保。


泰克持续研发产品和创新,特别是灰胶科技(Grey Gum Technnology),泰克与Uni-Seal Ultra的专利,经过测试和认可,在全球广受欢迎,被认为是最安全的永久轮胎钉孔修补方式。

目前,位于泰国的泰克国际(东南亚)公司是该公司的东南亚总部,拥有办事处、库存、客户服务中心及仓库,将10,000 种产品分销给消费者和东南亚国家。



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