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Three New High Quality 4×4 Tyres from Landsail

4x4 Tyres Landsail

The Landsail tyre range in Malaysia is expanded with three new 4×4 tyres, namely the CLX-9 Mudblazer M/T, CLX-10 Rangeblazer A/T and CLX-11 Roadblazer H/T. Featuring sophisticated tread designs and advanced compounds, the Landsail range of light truck and SUV (sport utility vehicle) tyres are said to set new benchmarks for quality and value for discriminating drivers.

Landsail Reveal New 4×4 Tyres

The CLX-9 Mudblazer M/T tyre is designed for ultimate off-road challenges and features the best ratio of rubber and tread combination. The specially processed terraced edges effectively expel dirt from the tyre under extreme off-road conditions and ensure excellent driving performance. The tyre also features protection bars in the grooves for top-notch trauma resistance as well as 3D blocks that reduce irregular tread wear. There are three tough layers of polyester cord fabric and high strength steel belts on the sidewall to guard against rock and debris punctures, while the varying shapes of the shoulder blocks are optimised for improved handling and control on unpaved roads.

It also has an angled lateral and longitudinal groove structure in the tread pattern that promotes better drainage for improved braking performance and handling on wet, soggy ground.

Meanwhile, the CLX-10 Rangeblazer A/T is an all-terrain tyre designed for ‘excellent’ traction and handling in difficult or rugged terrain. It has a good reputation for excellent water drainage and wet road control performance due to a four-trench tread design, and a multi-angle sipe design for improved grip on muddy roads.

Described as a quieter tyre, it has a five-pattern block design engineered to expel water and reduce noise under a variety of road and terrain conditions. A zig-zag middle tread pattern also reduces noise while the sloped corner repels rocks and improves earth-grasping performance.

The CLX-10 Rangeblazer A/T has specially cut corners on all borders of the groove pattern to promote driving stability and comfort, while its bench-shaped shoulder design provides excellent grip for stable high-speed turns under dry and wet road conditions.

As for the CLX-11 Roadblazer H/T, it is a highway terrain tyre designed for a nice balance of traction, quiet and comfort. It has a high density zigzag-shaped sipe design in the tread for better water drainage, which increases grip and shortens braking distances on wet roads.

A continuous centre rib maintains straight driving stability and improved braking performance, while a closed shoulder design blocks noise from the middle of the tyre for a quieter, more comfortable ride.

The CLX-11 Roadblazer H/T also has a longitudinal groove design that is optimised for effective drainage, faster braking, improved acceleration and stable turning on wet terrain.

Landsail tyres are produced by Qingdao Sentury Tire Co Ltd, which has established a global footprint with a presence in more than 150 countries.

It has a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility located near Bangkok, Thailand that was officially launched in August 2015. The Thai plant produces the complete line of Landsail, including the new light truck AT, HT and MT tyres.

Sentury Tire is rapidly growing a reputation as a leading global tyre producer in ultra-high performance tyres. Engineered and produced by a European technology team with more than 80 years of experience in tyre research and development and manufacturing, Landsail tyres are well regarded by drivers of performance vehicles and SUVs who want better safety and convenience.

In Malaysia, Landsail tyres are distributed by CN Allied Trading Sdn Bhd.


马来西亚的路航轮胎系列近日新增三款四驱车轮胎 – CLX-9 Mudblazer M/T、CLX-10 Rangeblazer A/T及CLX-11 Roadblazer H/T。据悉,路航轻卡及SUV(休旅车)轮胎的专属胎面设计和先进复合胶,为具识别能力的驾驶人设立了品质和价格的新标竿。

CLX-9 Mudblazer M/T泥地越野轮胎是专为极端越野挑战设计,拥有胎面花纹块与空隙的最佳比例。特殊的阶梯状处理边缘,利于在特殊极端地形的条件下,有效清除花纹块之间的泥土,确保轮胎的卓越驱动力。胎沟里的保护条带来最佳的防穿刺效果,3D花纹块设计减低不规则磨耗。胎侧的三层聚酯帘布构造和高强度钢丝带束层,有效提高轮胎的穿刺性能,非规则性的胎肩花纹块采用加强筋设计,提高非铺装路面的操控性。


与此同时,CLX-10 Rangeblazer A/T是条全地形轮胎,在困难和崎岖的地形拥有卓越的牵引力和操控 。四条宽主沟设计,排水性能好,四沟槽设计提供良好的湿地操控,多角度刀槽花纹设计提升泥地抓地力。

它是条安静的轮胎,5 个花纹块设计可在不同的道路和地形提供良好排水和降低噪音。其之字形中央花纹设计降低噪音,带有斜度的花纹块边角可排除石子和提升抓地力。

CLX-10 Rangeblazer A/T的其他特点有花纹边界的特别倒角配合花纹凹槽设计,增强行驶稳定性和舒适。

至于CLX-11 Roadblazer H/T是条高速公路轮胎,集良好牵引力、安静与舒适性为一体。它拥有高刚性之字形刀槽花纹设计,排水性能高,并具有提升的湿地抓地力和缩短的制动距离。





CN Allied 贸易私人有限公司是路航轮胎在马来西亚的经销商。

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