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Toyo Open Country R/T Tyre Unveiled

Toyo Open Country R/T Tyre

The new Toyo Open Country R/T not only offers enhanced off-road performance but also ride comfort.

Open Country R/T Tyre Offers Good Off-road Performance & On-road Comfort

The Malaysian off-road scene recently saw the unveiling of the Toyo Open Country R/T tyre, a new addition to the Toyo Open Country line up of 4×4 and SUV (sport utility vehicle) tyres. The tyre is designed specifically to cater to a growing niche of vehicle owners who are looking for more balance from their off-road tyres.

Featuring a hybrid design that combines the best features of the M/T and A/T tyre patterns into one tyre, the Open Country R/T not only offers enhanced off-road performance but also ride comfort. It has good mileage and lower road noise.

Its tread pattern integrates the optimised pattern arrangement similar to the Open Country A/T plus. Consisting of block distribution with variable pitch sizes, L-shaped interlocking blocks, shoulder blocks and sipes, the pattern provides better wear life, prevents irregular wear and offers low noise levels. In addition, step block edges help improve initial traction to provide good on-road performance.

For off-road performance, the Open Country R/T features a few design characteristics from the Open Country M/T that are tailored specifically for off-road handling and performance. The use of a wide shoulder, scallop shoulder lugs and mud craw biting rock design in the pattern provides the needed traction on off-road surfaces as well as the displacement of mud. The prominent lateral groove design of the tread pattern provides better off-road traction. Stone ejectors are also incorporated to assist in the displacement of mud and stones from the tread grooves….

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东洋 Open Country R/T 轮胎上市

东洋轮胎为喜欢越野的马来西亚消费者,推出了Open Country R/T 轮胎,东洋Open Country系列的四驱车和休旅车(SUV)轮胎的新成员。该轮胎是为了迎合越来越多在他们的越野轮胎中寻找更多平衡的车主需求。

Open Country R/T轮胎采用混合设计,将泥泞地形(M/T)和全地形( A/T )轮胎花纹的最佳特性融合为一。它不仅可提供增强的越野性能,而且乘坐起来也非常舒适。行驶里程良好,噪音低。

该款轮胎的花纹导入了与 Open Country A/T plus类似的最佳花纹排列。由具有可变节距大小的块状花纹分布组成,L 形连锁块状花纹、块状胎壁及刀槽花纹,使它更耐磨和具有防止不规则磨损的功能,而且噪音低。此外,其阶梯式花纹块边缘设计有助于提高初始阶段的牵引力,带来良好的道路性能。

在越野性能方面,Open Country R/T具有专为越野操控和性能量身定制的 Open Country M/T 的设计特点。采用宽肩、扇形胎肩肋纹和咬入泥土用的勾爪型胎块,提供越野路面上所需的牵引力排泥能力。其突出的横向胎沟设计提供更好的越野性能



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