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Toyo Tyre Malaysia Completes New Plant Building in Phase 2 Expansion

Toyo Tyre Malaysia Plant Building

TTM’s Phase 2 plant expansion would include the construction of a new plant building and installation of additional production equipment.

TTM Will Become the Largest Tyre Plant in Malaysia

Toyo Tyre Malaysia Sdn Bhd (TTM) President Mike Toh and Toyo Tire Corporation President and CEO Takashi Shimizu announced the completion of a new plant building in its Phase 2 expansion plan. TTM is the Malaysian tyre manufacturing subsidiary of Toyo Tire Corporation.

Toyo Tires announced in 2017 that TTM would add a new building and equipment to expand its production capacity(Phase 2) to align with the ‘Mid-term ’17’ business strategy. This expansion in production capacity is part of its plan to ‘strengthen the company’s business foundation in order to maximise profits’, as stated in its tyre business policy. It is intended to further solidify Toyo Tires’ sales of large-diameter tyres for pickup trucks, SUVs and CUVs, where Toyo Tires already has a competitive advantage.

TTM’s Phase 2 plant expansion comes in two stages. It would include the construction of a new plant building and installation of additional production equipment. The 1st stage would see an increase in production capacity of 2.4 million tyres to boost total capacity to 7.4 million per year (calculated for passenger car tyres) when fully completed by year 2020. This would make TTM the largest tyre plant in Malaysia.

Shimizu, in officiating the plant expansion ceremony at TTM recently with Dr Ong Kian Ming, Deputy Minister of International Trade and Industry, thanked the Malaysian Federal Government and Perak State Government for their ‘cooperation and invaluable support in making TTM for what it is today’.

He said: “TTM’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, located on a 148-acre (600,000m2) site in Kawasan Perindustrian Kamunting Raya, Taiping — which is  located in a strategic location — would not only  reinforce our global tyre manufacturing capability but allow this plant to serve as the ‘hub world global supply’ to various markets such as Europe, Japan, the Middle East, USA and Asia.

“We have enormous confidence in Malaysia and have invested a total of 41 billion Japanese Yen (equivalent to approximately RM1.6 billion) to-date due to its political stability, sustainable economic growth, conducive investment environment, good infrastructure as well as highly skilled and productive workforce.”

With the new plant, TTM has created new opportunities for employment in the local scenario. About 500 employees would be hired in the 2nd half 2019 to add to the current 1,100 workforce following the first stage of the Phase 2 Expansion Plan.

TTM prides itself in utilising Toyo Tires’ proprietary tyre production technology, a highly scalable system that features a high level of automation, multi-product and small-lot production capabilities for higher productivity, better quality and greater efficiency.

“With such advanced technology, we are able to produce and deliver high value-added products of global standards,” Shimizu said.


东洋轮胎株式会社总裁兼首席执行员清水隆史和东洋轮胎马来西亚私人有限公司(TTM)总裁Mike Toh宣布完成第二期的新厂房扩建计划。TTM是东洋轮胎株式会社的轮胎制造子公司。

东洋轮胎在2017年宣布,TTM将添加新的厂房和设备,以进一步扩大生产能力(第二阶段),配合其“17中期”的业务战略。 如其轮胎业务政策所述,扩大产能是“加强公司业务基础以实现最大盈利”计划的一部分。 该计划旨在进一步巩固东洋轮胎在皮卡车,运动型多用途车(SUV)和跨界车(CUV)方面的大直径轮胎销售,而东洋轮胎在这方面已经具有竞争优势。

TTM的第二期工厂扩建分为两个阶段。 这将包括建造新厂房和安装其他生产设备。 在第1阶段,到2020年全面建成后,将再增加240万条轮胎的产能,达到每年总产能740万条(按轿车轮胎计算)。这将使TTM成为马来西亚最大的轮胎工厂。







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