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Vipal Rubber Obtains EcoVadis’ Silver Certification

Vipal Rubber EcoVadis

As a global platform for recognising practices in CSR, EcoVadis has evaluated Vipal Rubber in the Silver category, with 59 points recently.

Vipal Continues Improve its Social Responsibility Management System

What Vipal Rubber learned on the road in its over 46 years of history is present not only in its products and services, but also in the social and environmental actions promoted by the company. In addition to having the most important certifications for the industrial segment, such as ISO 9001: 2015 and Product Performance Verification Certificate, Vipal also supports another important measure of quality: EcoVadis certification. As a global platform for recognising practices in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), EcoVadis has evaluated Vipal Rubber in the Silver category, with 59 points, which demonstrates the development and evolution of social and environmental issues within the organisation.

“Our objective is to continuously improve our practices and consolidate our social responsibility management system, making the business even more sustainable. The objectives and actions must be reviewed this year in order to maintain our development with regard to social and environmental issues within the organisation”, João Carlos Demoly, Industrial Director at Vipal Rubber commented.

Vipal started evaluations on the Ecovadis platform in 2017. On that occasion, the scores reached Bronze level. However, with the objective of promoting continuous improvement of its performance in social responsibility, the company sought to implement the Social and Environmental Program, culminating by reaching Silver level.

Used as a reference by companies around the world with regard to social and environmental practices, EcoVadis is a solution used by multinationals to integrate CSR performance between buyers and suppliers. Ecovadis‘ evaluation has levels, which are based on the percentage rating of the companies’ scores, in addition to a minimum score by evaluated theme: Environment, Labour practices and human rights, Ethics and Sustainable Purchases. The evaluation methodology is based on international standards such as the Global Reporting Index (GRI), ISO 26000 and the principles of the Global Compact.

The tyre retreading practice itself, Vipal‘s core business for over 46 years, is environmentally friendly. According to Associação Brasileira do Segmento de Reforma de Pneus [Brazilian Tyre Retreading Segment Association] (ABR), each retreaded commercial tyre generates savings of 57 litres of oil, which would be used in the manufacture of a new tyre. Spending on electricity is reduced by 80 per cent. Likewise, the sector provides oil savings of around 500 million litres/year.

However, the social and environmental actions promoted by Vipal affect several areas of the company. The social and environmental programme was initiated in 2018 with the objective of developing sustainable practices within the organisation. For the implementation of the programme, the teams involved developed a plan, which totalled 215 actions. Currently, the social and environmental programme is spread out into 77 actions on sustainable procurement, environment, health and safety and human rights policies.

Vipal 橡胶荣获EcoVadis银牌认证

Vipal橡胶不仅将它从超过46年历史中所学展现在产品和服务上,也在其所推广的社会与环境行动里。除了持有工业领域中最重要的认证如ISO 9001:2015和产品性能验证认外,Vipal也支持其它重要的品质指标,比如EcoVadis认证。作为认可企业社会责任(CSR)实施表现的全球认证平台,EcoVadis已将得分达59分的Vipal橡胶评估为银牌等级,显示了该公司内部的社会与环境问题的发展和演变。

“我们的目标是继续改善我们的做法和整合我们的社会责任管理系统,使我们的业务变得更具有持续性。我们今年会评估公司的目标和行动,以维持公司内与社会和环境课题有关的发展。”Vipal橡胶工业总监德莫利(João Carlos Demoly)表示。


EcoVadis被全球的公司用来作为评估社会及环境实施表现的参考,它也是一个被跨国公司用来整合买家和供应商之间CSR绩效的解决方案。EcoVadis拥有不同级别,除了评估主题:环境、劳工和人权、商业道德及可持续性采购的最低分数外,会按照公司分数的百分比来分级。EcoVadis审核认证的方法是基于国际标准如全球报告倡议(GRI)、企业社会责任标准ISO 26000及全球契约。



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