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Vipal Strengthens European Business Partnerships through Product Offering and Training

Vipal European Business Partnerships

Vipal Rubber believes in strengthening its ties with business partners, even when they have been around for some time.

Vipal Rubber Continues to Support Its Business Partners

This is the case of Carloni Tires SRL from Umbria, Italy, a tyre retreader partner of Vipal, which is now also a repair line distributor for the brand in central Italy.

To support Carloni Tires, Vipal Europe Commercial Consultant Maurizio Stassi provided training on the application of repair patches for the company. “Vipal is our main supplier. By partnering them, it has enabled us to provide the best final products for our clients. This is the main reason that we have decided to become a distributor of Vipal repair line,” said Daniele Cimarelli, Commercial Director of Carloni Tires. 

With 79 years of history, Carloni Tires is one of the oldest and biggest retreader in Italy, producing OTR and truck tyres in cold and hot cure systems.

“We are glad that the partnership with Carloni Tires is getting stronger every year and helping to strengthen both brands in Italy,” says Fabricio Nedeff, Commercial Manager of Vipal Europe. “We are sure that through this new stage in the existing partnership between Vipal and Carloni, our tyre repair line would contribute to this good result, which is positive for the entire market,” he concludes……

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即使客户已经存在了好一段时间,Vipal橡胶仍然相信加强与业务合作伙伴联系的重要性。来自意大利翁布里亚(Umbria)的 Carloni Tires SRL 就是最好的例子,它是 Vipal的轮胎翻新合作伙伴,现在也是Vipal在意大利中部的修补产品系列经销商。

为支持 Carloni Tires,欧洲Vipal商业顾问斯塔西(Maurizio Stassi)为该公司提供了有关修补补丁应用的培训。Carloni Tires商务总监奇玛雷利(Daniele Cimarelli)说:“Vipal是我们的主要供应商。通过与他们合作,我们能够为客户提供最好的最终产品,而这是我们决定成为Vipal修补产品系列经销商的主要原因。”

拥有79年历史的Carloni Tires是意大利历史最悠久、规模最大的翻新商之一,采用冷法和热法来翻新工程胎和卡车轮胎。

“我们很高兴,我们与Carloni Tires的合作每年都在加强,而这将协助强化我们这两大品牌在意大利的实力。” 欧洲Vipal 商务经理内德夫(Fabricio Nedeff) 表示。他总结说:“我们确信凭借着Vipal和Carloni现有合作伙伴关系的新阶段,我们的轮胎维修产品系列将有助于实现这个让整个市场都获利的良好结果……”


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