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Vredestein Ultrac and Ultrac Vorti Now Available in Malaysia

Vredestein Ultrac Ultrac Vorti

Vredestein Malaysia has brought in two new products – Vredestein Ultrac and Ultrac Vorti – to the country.

Vredestein Pioneers Exceptional Tyre Products for Customers

“We are so excited to announce the launch of these two patterns from the premium Vredestein range of performance tyres, which we believe would help us gain a foothold in the rapidly growing premium and luxury passenger car segment,” said Area Manager Calvin Yong.

The Vredestein Ultrac, he continued, was a high-performance passenger car tyre with asymmetrical tread pattern. It is said that this tyre has longer life, improved fuel efficiency as a result of less rolling resistance, better braking performance, driving comfort and maximum safety.

“When it comes to tyres, usually things are centred on one aspect and it is rare for a tyre to cover all five at one go. However, the Ultrac tyre has achieved that; according to Vredestein, its Ultrac has equal proportion of all five. Vredestein Ultrac tyre ‘Shines in wet performance, has the highest aquaplaning reserves and is extremely easy on handling’. Prominent German motoring magazine Auto Zeitung labelled the Ultrac as a ‘Very Recommended’ tyre in its 2022 summer tyre group test while Auto Express, one of UK leading magazines, gave it a ‘Recommended’ accolade in its annual test of summer tyres in 2021.

Meanwhile, the Ultrac Vorti ultra-high-performance tyre, he claimed, met the practical and visual demands of owners of the most sporty and advanced cars. Featuring a very sporty and distinctive appearance, in addition to its clean looks, the tyre is said to excel in grip, handling and braking on both dry and wet surfaces. The Ultrac Vorti has the Y speed index, meaning it could be used for speeds above 300km/h.

Giugiaro design

Vredestein has a partnership with master Italian automotive designer Giorgetto Giugiaro. 1999 marked a milestone in design for the brand, which welcomed a new era of design excellence. The collaboration with Giugiaro, he pointed out, allowed Vredestein to refine its products to amplify the quality and performance of every tyre.

Giugiaro Design has been closely involved with the development of Vredestein tyres over the past 20 years, designing a highly functional tyre with sleek, elegant tread and sidewalls, and creating an essential vehicle component capable of providing superior performance. Performance that remains unmatched, even in demanding conditions and surfaces. Producing a tyre worthy of its name, the Ultrac Vorti, created by Giugiaro, is inspired by the power of vortex air flow that is generated when a helicopter takes off. The name reflects the huge speeds and forces that the Ultrac Vorti could handle, while the tread is reminiscent of the tips of helicopter blades.”

The Ultrac Vorti, he added, was engineered and developed to satisfy consumers with a burning passion towards driving and strong concern towards safety on both dry and wet surfaces. Therefore, he said, powerful cars equipped with the Ultrac Vorti enjoyed a high level of steering precision, grip and safety while driving at high speeds. It is said to have achieved excellent results in leading independent tests.

Commended on its ‘Precise steering, perfect driving dynamics’ and ‘Sporty summer profile with a balanced high-performance level’, he said the Ultrac Vorti won first place in a summer tyre group test conducted by AutoBild, one of Germany’s leading motoring magazines, and was dubbed ‘exemplary’ by the independent test team in 2022.

Why Vredestein?

He is confident that the Vredestein Ultrac and Ultrac Vorti could attract the attention of discerning consumers. As one of the world’s oldest tyre brands with above a century of experience in tyre innovation, he stressed that the rich European heritage was the story of Vredestein’s past and the inspiration for its future.

“The 115-year-old history has driven Vredestein to become a leader in first-class tyre design and manufacturing as it continues to innovate towards the perfect driving experience. Since 1908, Vredestein has pioneered exceptional tyre products for our customers; From the first tyre produced in 1910 to the high-performance tyre technology produced today.”

Pioneering tyre technology has been Vredesteins purpose since the first tyre it produced. From then, Vredestein had produced tyre products that had brought home gold medals, broken world records and reinvented what safe, seamless, precision driving could be.

Vredestein is European by birth and nature. Our tyres are designed and tested on European roads to ensure that the tyres we produce perform on any surface and in any weather. From ice-capped Alpine descents to golden hour coastal cruising, our European heritage inspires us to excel industry standards in tyre design and performance. The world is ever changing and the way we move is changing with it. We are driven to adapt to the mobility needs of today with the high-performance tyre technology of tomorrow; Focused on how our products could lead you and your vehicle to experience driving at its full potential.”

To provide peace of mind, he said, for a period of one year starting from the date of purchase, customers were eligible for unconditional warranty if tyres were damaged beyond repair by road hazards such as potholes and/or sharp objects that occurred during normal driving. Besides that, Vredestein also provides five years limited warranty from the date of purchase on manufacturing defects in workmanship or materials used.

威斯登Ultrac和Ultrac Vorti 大马上市

马来西亚威斯登(Vredestein Malaysia)为国人带来了两款新产品——威斯登 Ultrac 和 Ultrac Vorti。



“说到轮胎,一般只有在一个性能方面表现良好,一条轮胎能够一次覆盖所有五个性能的情况很少见。然而,Ultrac轮胎却做到了这一点。威斯登宣称其Ultrac轮胎在所有五个性能测试中表现均等。 威斯登Ultrac轮胎在湿滑性能上表现出色,具有最高的抗打滑能力并且非常易于操控。Ultrac在德国著名汽车杂志《Auto Zeitung》的2022年夏季轮胎测试中取得‘非常推荐’轮胎殊荣,并在英国领先杂志之一《汽车快报》(Auto Express)的2021年夏季轮胎年度测试中获得‘推荐’荣誉。 ”

同时,他声称 Ultrac Vorti 超高性能轮胎满足了最先进运动型汽车车主的实用性和视觉需求。此轮胎的外观设计独特、利落且时尚,而且在干湿路面上的抓地力、操控性和制动性都非常出色。Ultrac Vorti拥有Y速度等级,这意味着它最高可以承受 300 公里/小时以上的速度。


威斯登与意大利汽车设计师乔治亚罗大师(Giorgetto Giugiaro)合作。1999年是该品牌设计的里程碑,迎来了卓越设计的新时代。他指出,与乔治亚罗的合作使威斯登得以改进其产品,提高每条轮胎的质量和性能。

“过去20年来,‘乔治亚罗设计’一直密切参与威斯登轮胎的开发,设计出具有时尚、优雅胎纹和胎壁的高性能轮胎,并创造出能够提供卓越性能的重要车辆部件。即使在苛刻的路面和条件下,性能仍然无与伦比。Ultrac Vorti名副其实,乔治亚罗创造Ultrac Vorti 时受到直升机起飞时产生的强大涡流气流的启发,这个名字反映了Ultrac Vorti可以处理的巨大速度和量,而胎纹的设计则让人想起直升机桨叶的尖端。”

他补充说,Ultrac Vorti的设计和开发旨在满足对驾驶充满热情并强烈关注干湿路面行驶安全性的消费者。因此,他说,配备Ultrac Vorti的强大汽车在高速行驶时享有高水平的转向精度、抓地力和安全性。据悉,该轮胎在领先的独立测试中取得了优异的成绩。

他称赞 Ultrac Vorti 凭借其精确的转向、完美的驾驶动态和具平衡高性能水平的运动型夏季轮胎外形在德国领先汽车杂志之一的AutoBild进行的夏季轮胎测试中脱颖而出,赢得了第一名,并于2022年被独立测试团队评为模范轮胎。


他相信威斯登Ultrac和Ultrac Vorti能够吸引眼光敏锐消费者的注意。作为拥有一个多世纪轮胎创新经验的世界上最古老的轮胎品牌之一,他强调,丰富的欧洲传统是威斯登的故事,也是未来的灵感来源。


从生产第一条轮胎开始,在轮胎技术方面领先一直是威斯登的宗旨。自那时起, 它生产的轮胎产品赢得了金牌,打破了世界纪录,并重新创造了安全、无缝、精确的驾驶方式。



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