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ASF Autocare & Tyre: Webmax Cloud-Based Car Workshop Solution Easy and Quick

ASF Autocare Webmax

Penang-based ASF Autocare & Tyre has been using Webmax cloud-based car workshop solution for more than one year.

ASF: Webmax System is Easy to Use

“We are a wholesaler for Lubrex lubricant distributed by Prowheels Distributor Malaysia. The system was given to us as a gift in recognition of our good sales performance,” said founder Mohd Faizal Mokhtar.

Prior to this, the company used Microsoft Excel to manage its day-to-day accounting activity and financial data such as sales, purchases, expenses as well as profit and loss. “Excel is more suitable for a small business or start-up but when your business grows, you would find it difficult to collate data. Data collection has to be done manually from different sources. Moreover, you have to recheck to ensure that the data is correct. This not only results in delays but also human error in manual data entry. Moreover, the Excel bookkeeping process is not automated; therefore, it is slow and time consuming.”

He then invested in another system. However, it was also not to his satisfaction. Webmax system, he said, was easy to use and less complicated. “It is so user-friendly that no physical training was required. Webmax Technologies Sdn Bhd, the solution provider, sent us a tutorial video and with a few video calls, my staff and I could use the system confidently……”

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创始人莫哈末费扎尔(Mohd Faizal Mokhtar)表示: “我们是马来西亚Prowheels分销私人有限公司所分销的Lubrex润滑油批发商。为了表彰我们良好的业绩,他们将这个系统当作礼物送给了我们。”

在这之前,该公司使用Microsoft Excel来管理其日常会计活动和财务数据,例如销售、采购、费用以及损益。“Excel更适合小型企业或初创企业。当你的业务开始增长,你会发现很难整理数据,而且必须从不同来源手动收集数据。此外,还得重新检查以确保数据正确。这不仅会导致延迟,还会产生手动数据输入时的人为错误。再者,Excel簿记过程不是自动化的,因此既缓慢又耗时。”

后来他投资了另一个系统。然而,该系统也不尽如人意。他说,相对之下,Webmax系统就没那么复杂,非常易于使用。“它操作简单,无需任何培训。我们通过该解决方案提供商Webmax 科技私人有限公司向我们发送的一个教程视频,再加上几次视频通话,我和员工就能自信地使用该系统了……..”


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