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Today, Webmax has more than 10,000 users, and the number continues to grow, which is a good testimonial of the company’s solutions and services.

Secure, Customisable and Up-to-date

Webmax Technologies Sdn Bhd, an expert in web-based workplace solutions, has a well-earned reputation in the automotive and tyre servicing industry with its Webmax software, formerly known as eMax. In the past 20 years, the company has successfully served more than 500 automotive and tyre servicing workshops in Malaysia, helping them in addressing today’s digital challenge with its cloud-based technologies. Today, they have more than 10,000 users, and the number continues to grow, which is a good testimonial of the company’s solutions and services.

Webmax has been the number one web-based software for more than three years in the local industry. We have contributed to this success though constant communication with our customers, listening attentively to their feedback, suggestions and requests, as well as our market survey and research. All this gathered information has helped us to improve our product, making it the most trusted and complete solution available in the market,” said Business Director Yap Seong Kok.

10 years ago, the company introduced its DOS-based (Disk Operating System) accounting system. “A large percentage of the PC users in automotive industry are still operating in DOS environment even today. Although it is black and white, and a pretty basic system that can only handle retail billing and inventory tracking, users find it very convenient as it is fully keyboard operable. Compared to our latest version, however it takes longer to perform these two tasks. ”

As a company that strives to deliver the best solutions and create an innovative user experience, Webmax Technologies are always aware of the new technologies and trends. Before Cloud computing, old-school business applications required a variety of software to run, they were often complicated and expensive, especially for the small and medium enterprises.

After 10 years of DOS-based accounting systems, Webmax Technologies developed the Cloud-based V1 version, together with its Singapore team. “Our Cloud-based V1 offers many benefits. Users are able to access software and applications anytime from anywhere through virtually any internet-connected device, including laptops, tablets, smartphones and computers with convenience on-the-go. Besides billing and inventory tracking, it adds more functionality such as creating and managing accounting records, generating stock and finance reports, as well as reports for customers and suppliers. Users also don’t have to worry about data storage, as data is protected and backed up automatically. Data that is stored in the ‘Cloud’ is more secure than on-premises data centres.”

Webmax V2 Offers More

With the release of Windows 10, the V1 software was no longer compatible. In 2017, Webmax Technologies launched a new version, called V2. According to Yap, this latest version features a main dashboard which is a consolidated view of all your data, so that the user can monitor and measure performance and metrics in real-time.

“It is very user-friendly and easy to understand. In addition, greater flexibility is allowed with its plug-in Apps. It can be customised to fit the customer’s needs and requirements. Apart from being a better accounting system, the Webmax V2 also supports a B2B function and other functions such as Service Reminders, Vehicle Checklists, CRM Module, Multi-Outlets and Multi-Branches. The Multi-Outlets and Multi-Branches module enables users to manage their branches/outlets in different locations effortlessly. A full view of the organisation’s data allows the user to focus on the important KPIs and align business processes with the goals.”

Yap stressed that Webmax Technologies will continue to improve their products based on customer feedback. He revealed that, in the near future, their system will also be able to auto-generate supplier invoice/purchase invoices when the user purchases from suppliers who are also using Webmax software.

“This will substantially reduce the amount of work and human error from the retail workshop as there is no need to key-in the data into the system again. We would like to thank our customers for their support and constructive feedback over the years, which has helped to make our solutions and services better,” he added.

Webmax 云端解决方案


Webmax 科技私人有限公司是工作场所云端解决方案专家,凭借着其Webmax(之前称为eMax )软件,在本地的汽车和轮胎服务行业中赢得良好声誉。过去的20年里,该公司成功地为马来西亚超过500多家汽车及轮胎服务中心提供服务,以其云端科技协助他们解决今天的数字挑战。今天,他们拥有超过1万家用户,而不断提高的用户数量证明了该公司所提供的解决方案和服务有多么受到业界的欢迎和肯定。

“Webmax成为本地业界首屈一指的云端软件已经超过3年。我们的成功来自于经常与客户沟通,仔细聆听客户的反馈,建议及要求,还有我们所进行的市场调查和研究。这些收集回来的信息帮助我们改善我们的产品,使它成为市场上最受信赖和完整的解决方案。” 业务董事叶祥国表示。

十年前,该公司推出DOS(磁盘操作系统) 会计系统。“在今天的个人电脑用户中,仍有大部分人在应用磁盘操作系统。虽然它是个很基本的黑白系统 ,而且只能处理零售发票和追踪存货,用户却认为很方便,因为可以完全应用键盘来操作。然而,与我们最新的版本相比,它需要花费较长的时间来处理这两种工作。”

在磁盘操作系统大行其道的十年后,Webmax科技与其新加坡的团队联手研发了V1 云端版本。“我们的V1云端版本好处很多。无论何时何地,用户都能够在旅途中很方便地通过任何能够与互联网产生连接的装置,包括笔电、平板电脑、智能手机及电脑 ,使用该软件。除了开发票和追踪存货、它添加了更多功能,如创建和管理会计记录、生成存货及财务报告,还有客户和供应商的报告等。用户也无需担心数据储存,因为数据会受到保护和自动存档。储存在‘云端’的数据,比储存在营业场所的数据中心来得安全。”

Webmax V2 功能更多

Windows 10推出后,无法兼容 V1 软件,于是Webmax科技在2017年发布了一个称为V2的 新版本。据叶国祥表示,这个最新版本的特点是拥有一个主仪表板,也就是包含所有数据的合并视图,让用户能够实时监督和评估业绩和指标。

“它操作简单,容易理解。此外,它的插入式应用程序(plug-in Apps),提供更大的弹性。它可按照客户的需要和要求客制化。Webmax V2 除了拥有更好的会计系统外,还可支持B2B和其他功能如服务提醒、车辆检查清单、CRM模块、多分行和多网点。其多分行和多网点的模块,让用户能够轻易地管理他们分布在不同地区的分行/网点 。完整的组织数据视图,让用户能够专注于关键业绩指标(KPIs),并且使业务流程与目标保持一致。”




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