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China International Tire Expo 2019 Attracts Popular Tyre Brands

China International Tire Expo

The name of CITEXPO in Chinese has been changed to China International Tire and Wheel Expo. However, the English’s name for the show would remain. 

CITEXPO 2019 Sees High Attendance

The 17th China International Tire Wheel Expo (CITEXPO 2019), an annual large tyre carnival hosted by Reliable International Exhibition Services Co., Ltd, was organised at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall from the 19th to 21st August.

As a world-class professional tyre fair, the event provides a professional international trade negotiation platform for the global tyre and wheel industry, making it popular for exhibitors and visitors.

With the theme of ‘Innovation, Professionalism, Efficiency and Leading the Future’, CITEXPO 2019 had two exhibition halls displaying various types of tyres, tyre accessories, tyre repair kits, testing and tyre changing equipment, tools and services, and wheels. Other items included production equipment, tyre retreading equipment and related ancillary services and products.

The CITEXPO exhibition was established in 2003, and this year was their 17th edition. It attracts a large number of tyre manufacturers and professionals from more than 120 countries every year. The range of exhibits includes tyres, rims, tyre warranty equipment, tyre materials and equipment, tyre production materials and equipment, tyre accessories and other related products and technologies. This year,according to Sam Lai, International Marketing Manager of Reliable International Exhibition Services Co., Ltd, the organiser of CITEXPO, This year, according to International Marketing Manager Sam Lai, the exhibition has attracted 12,324 visitors, with 44.7 per cent of the visitors came from 125 countries.

“We have attracted 268 exhibitors, including 10 exhibitors from overseas for this year. In fact, more than 80 per cent of the exhibitors have been with us since day one when we started the show. I think this really says a lot about us and the show. The feedback for this year’s show was good and more than 80 per cent of the exhibitors has already registered for next year. Even some of our regular exhibitors that did not participate but came to visit the show also signed up. ”

Lai observed that the exhibitors have changed from “Pull” to “Push” for internationalisation. Instead asking foreign buyers to come (Pull) to China and leverage the manufacturing capacity here, they are now more aggressive (Push) , to go out of China and find market places that they can sell their products, especially in the emerging markets, like one-belt-one-road countries and South Americas.

“We increase our CITEXPO’s marketing and promoting activities in those countries and we would put in more efforts next year,” he added.

“The exhibitors now focus more on innovative products and technologies, such as new tread patterns and materials, run-flat tyres, and studless snow tyres, just to name a few, as they need to “push” to find and fight for new market. Some of the exhibitors are planning to produce tyres that specifically for electric cars next year. We hope to bring this kind of information out to our media partners, so that more exhibitors would use our show as a platform to showcase their latest products and technologies in the future. ”

The recent event saw major Chinese brands, such as Zhongce Rubber, Pulin Chengshan, General Technology, and Duratti (Rydanz), demonstrating new products and technologies. There was an increased numbers of wheel companies that exhibiting this year, which Sam said this trend would continue as China is the main producers of wheels, both for cars and trucks. It is said that, around 70 per cent of the wheels in the world are made in China, and that China is one of the most important wheel traders in the world.

“We also noticed that there was a growing demand for imported high-end wheels in China, due to the increasing upper and middle classes that prefer imported cars and related accessories. Another trend that we see is the rising demand on tyre related Internet-of-Things products, such as TPMS, cameras, and fleet management devices, as Chinese is striving for latest internet technologies.”

Name changed was announced during the show, whereby the name of CITEXPO in Chinese has been changed to China International Tire and Wheel Expo. However, Lai said, the English’s name for the show would be unchanged. “CITEXPO is such a value brand that we build over the years. However, we would emphasis that we are also one of the main wheel trade shows in the world through our media channels and advertisement.”

Moving forward, Lai revealed that they would try to increase the number of foreign exhibitors as there are a demand for imported cars and related accessories, such as performance tyres and high-end wheels from overseas.


由北京海富展览服务有限公司主办的一年一度的第17届中国国际轮胎博览会(CITEXPO 2019)于8月19日至21日在上海世博展览馆盛大举行。


CITEXPO 2019的主题是“创新,专业,效率和引领未来”,其中两个展厅展示了各种类型的轮胎、轮胎配件、轮胎修理套件、测试与轮胎拆装机、工具、服务及轮毂。 其他项目包括生产设备,轮胎翻新设备及相关的辅助服务和产品。

CITEXPO成立于2003年,今年是第17届。 每年吸引来自120多个国家的大量轮胎制造商和专业人士。 展品范围包括轮胎、轮毂、轮胎维修设备、轮胎材料与设备,轮胎生产材料和设备、轮胎配件及其他相关产品和技术。 据CITEXPO主办方海富国际展览服务有限公司(Reliable International Exhibition Services Co.,Ltd)国际行销经理黎达三表示,今年的展览吸引了12,324名参观者,其中有44.7%的参观者来自125个国家。

“今年我们已经吸引了268家参展商,其中有10家来自海外。 实际上,有80%以上的参展商自我们开办该展览会的第一天起,就与我们在一起。 我认为这确实证明了他们对我们和这个展会的看法。 今年展会的反馈非常好,已有80%以上的参展商向我们报名参加明年的展会。 更值得一提的是,有些今年没参展,但前来参观展会的定期参展商也报名参加。”

他也观察到,在国际化方面,参展商已从“拉”变为“推”。 与其要求外国买家来(拉)到中国利用这里的制造产能,他们现在更加主动(推),走出中国,去寻找他们可以出售产品的市场,尤其是在新兴市场,例如一带一路国家和南美。


“参展商现在将更多的精力放在创新产品和技术上,例如推出新的轮胎花纹和材料,泄气保用轮胎和无钉雪地轮胎等,因为他们需要去“推”,寻找和争取新市场 。 一些参展商计划明年生产专门用于电动汽车的轮胎。 我们希望将此类信息带给我们的媒体合作伙伴,以便将来有更多的参展商将我们的展会用作展示他们最新产品和技术的平台。 ”

这一届的展会,中策橡胶、普林成山、通用技术和多路驰(雷登)等中国主要品牌展示了新产品和新技术。 他表示,今年有更多的轮毂公司参展,由于中国是轿车和卡车轮毂的主要生产国,这种趋势将继续下去。 据说,世界上约有70%的轮毂是中国制造的,中国是世界上最重要的轮毂贸易商之一。

“我们还注意到,由于越来越多的中上阶层人士偏爱进口汽车及相关配件,因此中国对进口高端轮毂的需求不断增长。 我们看到的另一个趋势是,随着中国人努力追求最新的互联网技术,与轮胎相关的物联网产品,例如胎压监测系统、摄像头和车队管理装置等的需求正在增长。”

展会期间宣布了更名,CITEXPO的中文名称已更名为中国国际轮胎和轮毂博览会。 但黎达三说,该展会的英文名称将保持不变。 “ CITEXPO是我们多年来建立起来的价值品牌。 然而通过我们的媒体渠道和广告,我们要强调的是我们也是世界上主要的轮毂贸易展之一。”


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