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Continental and SHARE NOW Denmark Create Algorithm to Pin down Real Time Tread Depth Monitoring of Tyres

Continental SHARE NOW Denmark

With an algorithm predicting tyre tread accuracy of below one millimetre, the pilot includes real time remote tyre pressure and temperature monitoring for the 600-strong SHARE NOW fleet.

The complex and ambitious project, masterminded by Continental and SHARE NOW, connects the information gleamed from both the tyre sensors and telemetry data of an existing on-board unit with an algorithm in the cloud to find the real time tyre monitoring solution. By connecting the tyres to the cloud, Continental will be able to offer need-based tyre servicing.

A Coordinated Programme

Continental is proving able to offer rapid response with its new tyre tread depth monitoring in a pilot that has utilised the electric vehicles of the carsharing provider, SHARE NOW Denmark. Connecting with their project partner and telemetry specialist Traffilog, Continental was able to connect and coordinate the tyre sensor information with the telemetry data of the fleet’s cars with a specific algorithm in the cloud. This allows for the final stage where the tyre tread depth, with an accuracy of below one millimetre could be checked. So, in the future smart digital tyres like this will be a key indicator to enable the needs-based servicing of tyres, instead of through the traditional method of regular, scheduled servicing.

“With this pilot we are first in the market to offer significantly accurate tread depth monitoring via an algorithm. With an accuracy of below one millimetre our pilot has in fact set an industry benchmark in smart digital tyre solutions”, explains Tansu Isik, Head of Business Development and Global Marketing at the Continental Tires business area. “We have worked very closely with our Continental Automotive Technologies colleagues as well as with our partner Traffilog to achieve this success,” he added.

For fleet providers it is beneficial to have as accurate information as possible about the condition of their tyres at any time. Tyre wear and damage is an important cost driver for them. Moreover, intact and maintained tyres have notable fringe benefits when considering other major cost positions such as fuel efficiency and wear of parts. “Real time, telematics-based tyre monitoring is a huge benefit for us. We can monitor and service our tyres at any time and take actions proactively”, noted Steen Herløv Andersen, Head of Operations at SHARE NOW Denmark.

The benefits include more efficient fleet operations, minimized downtime due to repair, greater safety and reduced overall cost due to higher energy efficiency.

By Connecting Tyres to the Cloud, Continental Enables Tyre Monitoring in Real Time

“With this pilot we offer another glimpse on the future of Continental’s smart digital tyre solutions. Connecting tyres directly to the cloud allows Continental to create exciting new business models. Our digital ecosystem for tyres, in which we work together with our broad network of partners, is all about assisting our customers with tyres and service at the right time and in the right place”, Isik noted, proudly. He added: “At Continental we are leveraging on both, our tyre expertise and our in-house know-how about sensor- and vehicle architecture, which is provided by Continental’s Automotive Technologies group sector.”

Continental is known for having a strong track record in supporting both commercial and passenger car fleet operators to run their fleets more efficiently, as well as being one of the biggest this pilot: The expertise of Continentals’ Automotive Technologies group sector in vehicle architectures and telemetry was the basis to develop, train and validate the algorithm in-house. The same holds true for the tire sensors used, which also were designed and produced in-house at Continental, specifically to meet project requirements. “Because of our set-up, we have all the specialists we need in-house. This means short distances to get things up and running. That is a true competitive advantage. This pilot is one element of Continental’s intensive efforts to develop customer centric tyre solutions, based on their specific needs to increase efficiency, reduce costs and increase safety.” explained Isik.

The real time tread depth measurement pilot is part of a bigger project in which Continental together with its partner Traffilog also delivers real time remote tyre pressure and temperature monitoring of the entire fleet of SHARE NOW in Denmark, with approximately 600 cars currently in operation. Continental was able to integrate its real time tyre monitoring solution into an already existing telematic setup. To enable both capture and transfer of data, Traffilog modified its telematics unit to fit Continental’s requirements to harness the relevant data to feed its proprietary algorithm.

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