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EZS Motorsports Praises Webmax Customisable Cloud-based Workplace Solution

EZS Motorsports Praises Webmax

EZS Motorsports Director said, Webmax Workshop is a user-friendly web-based design ordering, invoicing, inventory control and accounting software. 

EZS Motorsports Invest in Webmax Workshop System

Perak-based EZS Motorsports Sdn Bhd began investing in the Webmax cloud-based workplace solution in 2020 after the proprietor heard about the system from Prowheels Distributor Malaysia.

Prowheels is one of the established players in the tyre and engine oil industry. The company has been distributing Zeta brand tyres and Lubrex engine oil in Malaysia since 2016. Many people like to do their own market research, comparing the different brands of cloud-based workplace software that are available, but I found it somewhat a waste of time. My principle is always to invest in a proven brand and word-of-mouth recommendation from a leading player based on their positive experience is valuable,” said Director Muhammad Iskandar.

The company has three outlets, one in Chemor and two in Tambun, Perak. Today, all of the three outlets use the same system. “We are using Webmax Workshop, a user-friendly web-based design for ordering, invoicing, inventory control and accounting software. It is very useful and hassle free with faster, more accurate billing and payment tracking at a click of a button. Furthermore, all the data is backed up automatically and kept safe and secure on their servers……”

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2020年,总部位于霹雳州的EZS汽车运动私人有限公司开始投资Webmax 基于云的工作场所解决方案。从马来西亚 Prowheels 经销商那里听说了该系统后,该公司的东主就做了这个决定。

董事依斯干达(Mohammed Iskandar)表示:“Prowheels是著名的轮胎和引擎油企业之一。该公司自2016 年以来一直在马来西亚分销 Zeta 品牌轮胎和Lubrex引擎油。很多人喜欢自己做市场调查,比较不同品牌,基于云的工作场所软件,但我却认为这有点浪费时间。我的原则始终是投资于一个经过验证的品牌,而曾使用过该系统,来自领先同业的口碑推荐就显得格外有价值。”

该公司在霹雳州拥有三家分店,一家位于珠宝(Chemor),两家在淡文(Tambun)。目前,这三家店都使用相同的系统。 “我们使用的是Webmax Workshop,一种基于网络的订购、发票、库存控制和会计软件。它操作简单,用处多,使用起来非常轻松,只需点击一个按钮即可更快、更准确地进行计费和付款跟踪。此外,所有的数据都会自动备份,安全地保存在他们的服务器上……”


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