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Giti Dealers Shine at First Retail Service Competition in Malaysia

Giti Retail Service Competition

A total of 132 dealers took part in the 1st Giti Retail Service Competition in Malaysia recently.

Giti Malaysia Organise its First Retail Service Competition

Giti retail dealers throughout Malaysia took part in an innovative service competition from December 2018 to January 2019 that combined technical, services and communications skills to develop and reward top service providers. This is the first time that such a competition was held and it received positive feedback from the dealers. It is also said to improve the Giti dealers’ service quality by sharing the professional service module and technical knowledge.

The competition consisted of three rounds – qualifying, semi-final and final – with two categories; one on customer service and the other on technical skills. In total, 132 participants took part. This opportunity allowed Giti dealers to certify their technician and salesperson skills through a wide-ranging service competition. The judges were representatives from Giti, who travelled to the dealers’ stores to do scoring and get feedback based on their services. Malaysia Country Manager Matthew Wai noted: “Besides putting quality and correct tyres in the market, it’s our responsible to ensure that the appointed dealers could provide useful information and professional service to enrich the customer’s loyalty. From this competition, we are glad to see the positive engagement of the Giti dealers and their passion is encouraging.”

On 10th January, Giti Tire Malaysia conducted a half-day training session for all the finalists at Giti’s flagship store YPL Auto Services. The finalists were given training on Giti, following which they competed in a role play activity. Besides developing skills to improve training, the winner was awarded Giti Malaysia Service Rep of the Year and won exciting cash prizes. The prize giving ceremony was held in Kuala Lumpur on 27th January in conjunction with the distributor’s annual dinner. In addition, all participants received certificates acknowledging their efforts and the training received.

Giti Tire has a strong focus on its retail network and ensures that quality service and understanding of customer needs are top priorities. The company provides technical and product knowledge to the Giti dealer network and aims to assist them in developing the most skilled quality technicians and salespeople in the industry.

The service competition was successful in achieving its goals, said Elson Tsai, Head of International Marketing. “Tyres are one of the most important parts for transportation as they carry the full weight of a vehicle, but there are many ‘hidden values’ related to safety that are not obvious to the public. In Malaysia, we work closely with our retail partners to provide correct tyre solutions and quality services, including tyre fitting, balancing and wheel alignment. Within the Giti network, we believe that Giti Tire would provide Malaysian drivers the ‘best experience in the town’.”





马来西亚区经理Matthew Wai指出:“除了为市场提供优质和正确的轮胎,我们还有责任确保顾客能从经销商处获得有用的信息和专业的服务;这次比赛中,我们很高兴看到Giti经销商能积极参与,他们的激情令人鼓舞。”

在1月10日,马来西亚Giti轮胎在他们的旗舰店YPL Auto Services里为进入决赛的选手进行半天的培训,接受培训的选手之后将参加不同的角色竞争,以争取最高荣誉。颁奖典礼于1月27日在吉隆坡与经销商年度晚宴同时举行,获奖者除了获得培养和改进技能外,还能获得马来西亚Giti颁发的年度服务奖状以及丰厚的现金奖励。除此之外,所有参赛者都能得到证书,以证明他们获得培训和努力的付出。


国际市场营销主管Elson Tsai表示,这次比赛成功实现了我们的目标。他说: “轮胎是运输中最重要的一部件,它承载着整辆车的重量,但是其中却有很多对公众来说并不明显的‘隐藏价值’。在马来西亚,我们与零售商紧密合作,提供正确的轮胎方案和优质的服务,包括轮胎安装、平衡和车轮定位给公众。在Giti网络中,我们相信Giti轮胎将会为马来西亚的驾驶者提供最佳的体验。”

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