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Giti Tire Confirmed as Official Tyre Supplier for F3 Asian Championship Series

Giti Tire F3 Asian Championship

Giti Tire was announced as the Official Tyre Supplier to the new Formula 3 (F3) Asian Championship Certified by FIA, which includes full support and partnership of the series events throughout the year. As the supplier of this new series, Giti Tire joins the FIA driver development programme to build an important part of 10 teams with 24 cars to achieve excellence. Giti’s GitiCompete GTR1 race tyres – with excellent product quality, professional technical service and rich event experience – would help the drivers advanced to a higher level of the international racing arena. Giti Tire says it is committed to building the Asian Formula 3 Championship Series as a combination of performance, safety and driver success. The partnership marks the continuation of a successful five-year collaboration between Giti Tire and championship organiser Top Speed, which began in 2013 with the Formula Masters China Series.

Giti Tire Named Official Tyre Supplier for F3 Asian Championship Series

New Levels of Speed and Performance

The new Asian Formula 3 Championship would use an advanced FIA single frame and engine, maximising performance and talent to showcase top quality racing. Giti Tire would provide all F3 Asian Championship Certified by FIA drivers and teams with all slick and wet tyres for the 15-race, five-round inaugural season, which begins at Malaysia’s Sepang International Circuit on 13th July. Each team would receive two new sets of GitiCompete GTR1 tyres per event included in the entry fees. At the same time, Giti would also provide technical and service support as well as use race data to continually improve and advance tyre technology. Top Speed General Manager Davide De Gobbi said: “Giti Tire is the ideal partner for the new F3 Asian Championship Certified by FIA. The company has the resources and expertise we require to ensure performance of the highest standards as well as a proven track record with us in Asia. We are delighted to add Giti Tire to our roster of prestigious series partners.”

Phang Wai Yeen, Executive Director, International R&D Centers of Giti Tire, added: “We are very proud of our continuous and successful collaboration with Top Speed that has now taken us to the next level of formula car racing as the official tyre to the F3 Asian Championship certified by FIA. Through the last decade, Davide De Gobbi and the Top Speed team had successfully created a motor sport platform in Asia to propel young talents onto the international scene and we look forward to growing in tandem with Top Speed towards a higher level of participation in the FIA racing hierarchy.”


由国际汽车联合会(简称FIA)授权的三级方程式锦标赛(简称F3),近期宣布佳通轮胎将成为其全年赛事官方唯一轮胎供应商。作为首届亚洲三级方程式锦标赛的轮胎供应商,佳通轮胎将携手国际汽联打造车手金字塔发展计划中重要一环,为三大洲10支车队24辆赛车全程提供卓越的GitiCompete GTR1赛事轮胎。以优异的产品品质、专业的技术服务和丰富的赛事经验,助力车手进阶更高规格的国际赛车舞台,也致力于将亚洲三级方程式锦标赛打造成为结合赛车性能、比赛安全、高效成本于一体的顶级方程式赛事。

此次赛事,也是佳通自2013年上海青年冠军方程式系列赛的五年合作以来,与上海擎速赛事策划有限公司(Top Speed)的第六年合作。


首届亚洲三级方程式锦标赛将使用FIA全新的单一车架和引擎,以充分发挥汽车性能和车手的技能。国际汽联亚洲三级方程式锦标赛揭幕战将在7月13日于马来西亚雪邦国际赛车场打响,佳通轮胎会为所有的车手和车队提供全赛季5站共15回合比赛的光头胎和雨胎。车队的报名费用中包括每站2套佳通Giti Compete GTR1轮胎。同时,佳通会为赛事提供技术和服务支持,并将采用赛事所获得的数据,继续改善轮胎科技发展。

据上海擎速赛事策划有限公司创始人邓大为(Davide De Gobbi)表示:“佳通轮胎是国际汽联亚洲三级方程式锦标赛的理想合作伙伴。他们拥有符合锦标赛最高标准的资源和技术,并长期与我们在亚洲车坛并肩作战。我们很高兴能够在新赛季迎来佳通轮胎的加盟。”


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