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Hilal Autocare: Webmax Cloud-Based Accounting System Delivers Seamless Convenience

Hilal Autocare Webmax System

Husband and wife team Yus Hilal Azmi and Azwin Nasir have operated the Kelantan-based Hilal Autocare Sdn Bhd since 2020. 

Webmax Cloud Accouting Offers Many Benefits

“My hubby is in charge of operations while I take care of accounting. We started using the Webmax cloud-based accounting system when we opened this new outlet. In fact, Prowheel Distributor Malaysia, which sells tyres and engine oils to us, introduced the system to us in 2019 and it was given to us as a gift,” said Azwin.

She, however, told The Tyreman of her earlier concerns. “We were using another accounting system at that time and were not ready to implement a new accounting system as it was a big move. Additionally, migrating data could be overwhelming although we were aware of the many benefits of the Webmax cloud-based accounting system. With a new branch, we could start everything afresh, including the accounting system.”

It was then that the couple decided to invest in the system. Azwin said the greatest benefit of the Webmax accounting system was convenience. With the cloud-based technology, all she needed was good WiFi and internet connection. She could then manage all financial activities easily, anywhere and anytime through any device such as a PC, tablets and mobile phone….

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Hilal Autocare:Webmax云端会计系统,提供无缝便利

成立于2020年,位于吉兰丹的Hilal Autocare私人有限公司的背后是一对合作无间的夫妻档–尤斯(Yus Hilal Azmi)和艾兹薇(Azwin Nasir)。


然而,她将之前的担忧告诉了《轮胎世界》。 “当时我们还没有准备好采用新的会计系统,我们正在使用着另一个系统。改用其他的系统,对我们来说是一个重大的举措。尽管我们知道 Webmax云端会计系统有很多好处,但想到要迁移数据却可能让人不知所措。有了新分行后,我们就可以重新开始一切,包括会计系统。”



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