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HT Group Shows Strong Presence at MIAPEX 23

HT Group _Exhibition
HT Group _Exhibition

HT Group, a distributor of automotive products and the operator of a network of car service centres, made a notable presence at the MIAPEX 23.

HT Group Highlights Diverse Product Range at MIAPEX

The Group featured two booths, one dedicated to Nexen Tire and the other showcasing Varta and Energizer automotive batteries, along with Brembo brake pads.

“This was the second time HT Group took part in the show. In 2019, the Group showcased Nexen Tire after the Korean tyre brand appointed HT Performance Tyre Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of the Group, as its distributor in Malaysia. The aim for the participation at that time was to let people know that the company was the distributor for Nexen Tire,” said Eow Xin Yu, Assistant Marketing Manager, HT Group.

This year, she continued, the Group unveiled the new Nexen N’Priz GX at the show. The N’Priz GX, she stated, was a high-performance passenger car tyre for demanding driving conditions…..

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HT集团强势亮相MIAPEX 23展会


HT集团是一家汽车产品分销商和汽车服务中心网络运营商,在MIAPEX 23展会上相当引人注目。该集团拥有两个展位,一个专门展示耐克森轮胎,另一个展示瓦尔塔(Varta)和劲量(Energizer)汽车电池,以及布雷博(Brembo)刹车片。

HT集团营销助理经理姚欣妤说:“这是HT集团第二次参加该展会。 2019年,韩国轮胎品牌耐克森委任HT集团旗下的HT Performance Tire私人有限公司为其马来西亚经销商。HT集团当时展示了耐克森品牌的轮胎产品,当时的参展目的是让人们知道我们公司就是耐克森轮胎的经销商。”

她续说,该集团在展会上推出了新款耐克森N’Priz GX轮胎。她表示,N’Priz GX 是一款高性能乘用车轮胎,适合苛刻的驾驶条件….


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