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Autoserv Tyreplus, First Collaborative Workshop, Opens in Singapore

Autoserv Tyreplus Workshop Singapore

Located in Shell’s petrol kiosk station along Upper Bukit Timah Road, the new Autoserv Tyreplus workshop offers a wide range car services.

New Autoserv Tyreplus Workshop for Quick Diagnosis and Lighter Repairs

Tyreplus, one of the world’s largest one-stop centres for car maintenance services supported and certified by Michelin, recently partnered with Shell Autoserv and HT Group to launch the first Autoserv Tyreplus workshop in Singapore.

Located in Shell’s petrol kiosk station along Upper Bukit Timah Road, the new Autoserv Tyreplus workshop offers a wide range of premium, mid-range and budget car services, including tyre change and repairs, lubrication, wheel balancing, wheel alignment, alloy wheel maintenance, battery change, vehicle servicing, oil change, brake servicing and air-condition servicing.

This workshop is the first collaboration involving Michelin, a global leader in sustainable mobility, Shell, an international leader in energy technologies in Singapore and the region, and HT Group, a leading distributor of tyres, automotive batteries and automotive parts in Singapore and Malaysia. These three automotive industry giants signed an agreement to provide ‘trusted and reputable’ vehicle maintenance services by skilled and experienced technicians at convenient locations and transparent prices. All share the aim for continued innovation in moving people towards a better future.

This Autoserv Tyreplus workshop follows the debut of the first Tyreplus outlet in Singapore in Wave9, Woodlands Industrial Park, in February 2018 that is operated by HT Group. Like the flagship outlet, it offers tyre-related services, fast fit parts and repairs as well as regular maintenance services, albeit at a smaller location. It serves as an added location for the convenience of vehicle owners for quick diagnosis and lighter repairs, and would do referrals to the flagship outlet for more complex issues as and when necessary.

Car Servicing at Customers’ Doorstep

Additionally, this location is the first Tyreplus workshop to offer the services of a Tyreplus mobile vehicle to deploy assistance to vehicle owners where ever they might encounter complications in Singapore. This ‘exciting’ new addition offers all car servicing related matters to customers at their preferred time and place. The range of services includes tyre change, puncture repair, tyre balancing, battery replacement, oil change and roadside assistance. All services offered are described as cost-effective, with the added bonus of convenience and time saving.

From 8th July to 31st October, 2019, customers visiting Autoserv Tyreplus would receive a free wheel alignment with the purchase of 4 Michelin tyres (any model/ size). They would also receive up to $40 off for Shell Helix Ultra engine oil change and 20 per cent off for Energizer automotive battery replacement. 

As part of its expansion plans, Tyreplus says it is on the lookout for more locations to bring greater convenience to more customers in Singapore. An e-commerce website for online purchases of products as well as mobile services for faster sales and after-sales services is also in the pipeline, reflecting Michelin’s ‘proud role’ as a leader in sustainable mobility.

The new Autoserv Tyreplus at Upper Bukit Timah Road, Singapore is opened from Monday to Friday, from 9am to 6pm, and on Saturday, from 9am to 3pm. Log on to for more information.

首家合作维修中心Autoserv Tyreplus


Tyreplus,全球最大的米其林支持和认可的一站式汽车维修服务中心之一,近日与蚬壳Autoserv 和HT集团合作,在新加坡推介首家Autoserv Tyreplus。

这家位于Upper Bukit Timah路蚬壳加油站的全新蚬壳Autoserv维修中心,提供高端、中等价位及符合预算的汽车服务,包括更换轮胎和修理、润滑油、四轮平衡、车轮定位、铝轮圈、更换电池、汽车维修、更换润滑油、制动器养护及空调服务。

全球可持续性移动领袖米其林,新加坡及该区域能源科技领袖蚬壳与新加坡及马来西亚领先的轮胎、汽车电池及汽车零部件经销商HT集团第一次强强联手,开设了这家维修中心。 在这三家汽车行业巨头共同签署的合约下,熟练和经验丰富的技术人员将在便利的地点,为消费者提供值得信赖和信誉良好,价格透明的汽车维修服务。他们的共同目标是不断创新,让人们迈向更美好的未来。

第一家Tyreplus中心于2018年2月在新加坡Wave9,兀兰工业园开幕,并由HT集团负责经营。如今,跟随其脚步的这家Autoserv Tyreplus则在规模较小的地点,提供与该旗舰店相同的轮胎相关服务,快速安装零部件和修理及一般汽车养护。作为一个添加,为车主提供便利地点的它,除了能够为客户进行快速诊断和小型修理外,也会在需要时将更复杂的问题转介到旗舰店。


此外, Tyreplus中心也将在这个地点首次提供Tyreplus移动车辆,为车辆出问题的新加坡车主提供援助。这个令人兴奋的新增服务,能够在客户选择的时间与地点为他们提供所有与汽车相关的服务。这些服务包括更换轮胎、修补穿孔轮胎、 轮胎平衡、更换电池和润滑油及路边援助。据悉,所有服务不仅具成本效益,还可提供便利和节省时间。

举凡在2019年7月8日至10月31日期间向Autoserv Tyreplus购买4条米其林轮胎(不拘款型/尺寸)的客户,将享有免费的车轮定位服务。他们还将获得新币40 元的蚬壳Helix Ultra润滑油折扣优惠和20% 的更换Energizer汽车电池优惠。


这家位于新加坡Upper Bukit Timah路的Autoserv Tyreplus,营业时间从星期一至星期五,早上9时至下午6时,星期六从早上9时至下午3时。登录 ,查看更多信息。

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