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Linglong Develops Master Series Tyre

Linglong Master Series Tyre

Linglong Tire has developed a new generation tyre, the Master series tyre after years of technology accumulation.

Master Tyres Feature Linglong’s Unique Technologies

The summer tyre consists of three series, the High-Performance Comfort Master tyre, the Ultra- High Sport Master, and High-Performance Grip Master C/S for Sports Utility Vehicles (SUV).

These three series of products, Linglong said, feature a number of Linglong’s unique technologies, including the third-generation resin formula that can increase wet grip and control. With its specially designed tread pattern, the company claims that the tread can disperse the water quickly and efficiently, whilst also improving the tyre’s traction during wet braking.

Featuring a steady-state pressure balance contour pattern design, alongside blanking technology, these factors help widen the contact area of the tyre by 3 per cent, as compared with its previous generation. As such, great progress has been made in both braking and handling performance. The testing of the Master series has achieved 4 per cent higher traction than its predecessor. According to Linglong, the field test at the IDIADA proved that the wet traction of this tyre has reached level A, which is the highest standard of the EU label.

Linglong has also released a studless Nord Master winter tyre. The tyre utilises Linglong‘s second-generation soft tread compound and has a ‘gecko-like bionic pattern design,’ which the company points out can greatly improve the ice and snow performance of the tyre. Nord Master has ranked number eight in a test that was conducted by Test World magazine in October 2020.

Targeted for the European market, the Master series is currently entering production with some sizes. All the specifications are expected to be launched later in 2021.

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