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Newera Group Celebrates 50 Years of Success

Newera Group Celebrates Success

Newera Group’s longevity and continued success is the result of a combination of factors.

Newera Group Celebrates Its Golden Anniversary

Newera Group, the leading product and service solutions provider for the automotive and industrial world in Malaysia, celebrated its golden anniversary after 50 successful years of operation.

Founded in 1968 by Group Chairman Chen Jet How as Newera Equipment Supply Sdn Bhd, it represented a number of world-class brands such as B&J, Matteuzzi, Fiap, Cemb, Hunter, Uryu, Yamada, Yasui and Ingersolland, and was a pioneer in the industry. With the first mechanical tyre changer, it revolutionised the way tyre servicing was done in Malaysia.

In 1969, Newera expanded into the tyre retreading equipment segment by setting up Newera Equipment Pte Ltd in Singapore. The first complete set of tyre retreading equipment was supplied to an East Malaysia tyre retreading plant, Gaya. In 1983, Newera moved to its current location at Jalan 201, off Jalan Tandang, Petaling Jaya and established Newera Training Centre, which was certified as the first accredited training centre by the Malaysian Human Resources Department to provide an advanced tyre training programme.

Since then, Newera grew from strength to strength. In 1991, a new milestone was reached: Newera Engineering was established as a base to manufacture tyre retreading equipment. At that time, this was seen as a brave move away from the tried and tested means of importing equipment from Europe and the US. Over the next 12 years, Newera continued to focus on improving and growing the company. In 2001, it relocated to brand new premises in Kota Kemuning. During this time, Newera Engineering went on to manufacture a multitude of quality equipment and was well on its way to achieve the company’s vision of being a total solutions provider. It not only supplied quality equipment and parts that were viable options to imported equipment, but also provided services such as the planning and design of a factory layout, equipment installation, training and after-sales maintenance support.

A detached factory building at the Tampines Industrial Avenue 5 was bought by Newera Singapore in 2013, which housed its 3 offices and a warehouse under one roof in the following year.

Long known for its excellent training programmes for customers who purchased equipment from the company, Newera raised the bar for customer training yet again in 2000 as an approved accreditation training centre for the Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia (SKM) certification in the tyre servicing industry by the Ministry of Human Resources. The Newera Training Centre, now known as Newera Automotive Academy, moved to new premises in Sunway in 2002. In July 2007, the Newera Retread Division within Newera Equipment Supply was merged with Newera Engineering Sdn Bhd, and renamed Newera Retread Equipment Sdn Bhd.

Building Partnerships, Inspiring Growth

Today, the Group consists of 13 companies, with offices in Malaysia, Singapore and China, and has future expansion plans in Asia. Its strong relationships with clients were built on years of excellent service in its core businesses that included tyre retreading solutions, new tyre solutions, industrial tools and machinery solutions, tyre servicing and automotive solutions, and collision repair and spray paint solutions.

To commemorate this special occasion, a grand celebration dinner was held on 9th November at Dorsett Grand Subang Hotel in Selangor.  About 400 people attended the event, including employees from Newera and the Kit Loong Group of Companies, Kayel, SRT and Valebridge Publications (Asia), former General Managers Lim Hua Liang, C.Y. Ng, Paul Chow and Lee Heng Heng, various suppliers from abroad such as Gino Giannarelli from Werther International S.p.a , Victor Liao and Jenny Ho from Lin Yann Industrial Co, Ltd, Filippo Cibrario from Pirelli Singapore, Dennis Tan and Alfred Loh from VMI Holland BV, as well as Ben Hoge, Chee Lip Choon, Soh Kin Seng and Danny Loo from Goodyear Malaysia Berhad, bankers and insurance, as well as logistics providers.

“A company normally would not be able to survive this long if not for some intrinsic values and good working principles. Among them, honesty, hard work, building and cherishing long term relationships, just to name a few. Newera’s tagline: ‘Building partnerships, Inspiring growth’ is centred on this value and the true test of building long-term partnership is about achieving ‘win-win’. However, ‘win-win’ is not always achievable, sometimes a ‘give and take’ or ‘win lose’ is necessary to subsequently arrive at a ‘win-win’. Be it working with you, my business associates, my managers and fellow colleagues. I strongly believe that these values would continue to be relevant and carry us through into the future of Newera,” said Managing Director Jacab Chen in his welcoming speech.

Also present was Avtar Singh, Regional Manager, Hunter Engineering Company, who delivered a congratulatory speech. Newera was appointed by Hunter of United States as the sole distributor for wheel alignment machines in 1991. The partnership stood the test of time and drove strong business growth for both parties.

The grand celebration was complemented by the stunning and spectacular programmes and performances. Among the highlights were the flashback on the important milestones of the Newera Group, launch of a coffee-table book, cake cutting ceremony and presentation of long service awards to loyal employees who contributed to the growth of the Group in one way or another.

It was indeed a touching moment as the emcee presented the coffee-table book to the Group’s founder Chen Jet How to put his signature on it to symbolise the official launch of the colourful Newera 50th Golden Jubilee publication. The coffee-table book captures the essence of the Group’s legacy and development over the past five decades. Also featured were the business units under the Group, congratulatory messages from its partners and suppliers as well as testimonials from key customers.

Hitting the 50-year milestone was something to be proud of in any business. Newera’s longevity and continued success is the result of a combination of factors, and the partnership approach that it took and the effort in building trust with its suppliers and clients are key areas.



现代集团主席郑捷浩于1968年创立了现代轮胎机器有限公司。当时的它已经拥有许多世界级的品牌代理权,包括B&J 、Matteuzzi、Fiap、Cemb、亨特(Hunter)、日本瓜生制作株式会社(Uryu)、日本雅玛达泵业制作所(Yamada)及英格索兰(Ingersolland)等,成为该行业的开路先锋。它引进了第一台轮胎拆装机,彻底改变了马来西亚轮胎维修的方式。

1969年,新加坡现代机器私人有限公司的设立,使该集团扩展至轮胎翻新设备领域 。该公司为东马的加雅(Gaya)翻新厂供应第一套整厂翻新设备。1983年,现代搬迁至现址:9,Jalan 201 off Jln Tandang, Petaling Jaya。同年,成立了现代培训中心,并荣获马来西亚人力资源部认可,成为马来西亚第一家可提供轮胎培训课程的学院。

自此,现代集团不断壮大。1990年,它达到了一个新的里程碑,那就是成立了现代工程有限公司。这样一个举动在当时来说非常勇敢,因为这意味着它除了进口经过试验和测试的欧洲和美国翻胎设备外,也将开始在本地研发和制造。在接下来的12年里,现代继续积极改善和增长公司。 2001年,现代工程搬迁至哥打甘文宁的新地点。在这段期间,现代工程继续制造各种优质设备,继续努力实现成为一个全方位解决方案供应商的愿景。它除了透过供应本地制造的优质设备和零部件,为业者提供进口设备以外的可行选择,还提供如工厂布局规划和设计、设备安装、培训及售后服务支援。

2013年,新加坡现代机器在Tampines Industrial Avenue 5 购置一座独立式厂房,并在第二年将3个办事处和一家仓库搬到同一个地点。


今天,该集团旗下有13家公司。除了在马来西亚、新加坡和中国拥有办事处外,也在亚洲拥有未来的扩展计划。它透过多年的卓越核心业务服务,与客户建立起强大和牢固的关系。 这些业务包括轮胎翻新解决方案、新轮胎解决方案、工业工具及机械解决方案、轮胎及汽车维修解决方案,还有汽车碰撞修理及喷漆解决方案。

为了纪念这个特殊的时刻,现代集团在11月9日假雪兰莪梳邦帝盛君豪酒店(Dorsett Grand Subang Hotel) 主办了一个盛大的晚宴。约有400人出席,其中包括现代和吉隆集团的员工、Kayel、SRT、 亚洲Valebridge Publications、前总经理 林和亮、吴展戎、赵振华及李兴庆、来自海外的供应商如Werther国际的詹纳雷利(Gino Giannarelli)、Lin Yann工业私人有限公司Victor Liao和Alfred Loh、新加坡倍耐力的西波拉里奥(Filippo Cibrario)、VMI Holland BV的Dennis Tan和Alfred Loh,以及马来西亚固特异有限公司的尔蒙(Ben Hoge)、 Chee Lip Choon、Soh Kin Seng及Danny Loo、银行和保险公司代表,以及物流供应商等。

“一家公司一般无法生存如此之久,除非它拥有一些内在价值和优良的工作原则。这包括了诚实、勤奋、建立和珍惜长期业务关系等。现代集团的口号:‘结为伙伴,激励成长’就是建立在这些价值上的,而建立长期合作关系的真正考验就是达到双赢。然而我们却无法经常实现双赢,有时候我们需要‘互相让步’,或者需要‘一赢一输’之后才能达到双赢。不论是和您,我的业务联盟、我的经理或者是同事共事都一样。   我深信这些价值将继续具有相关性,带领现代集团走向的未来。”董事经理郑家国在其欢迎辞中表示。

出席的还有在当晚致贺词的亨特工程公司区域经理阿瓦达(Avtar Singh)。现代轮胎机器于1991年被美国亨特委任为其车轮定位仪的独家经销商。该伙伴关系不仅经得起时间考验,还推进了双方业务的强劲增长。

该晚宴节目十分丰富,精彩纷呈。其中包括现代集团的重要里程碑回顾视频短片、“咖啡桌书”(coffee-table book)发布会、切蛋糕仪式及颁发长期服务奖,表扬在公司服务多年,助力纽耶拉集团增长的衷心员工。

现代50周年金禧纪念“咖啡桌书”的发布会仪式简单却不失庄重。司仪将“咖啡桌书”郑重交到现代集团创始人郑捷浩手中,邀请他在该书上签下大名后,便宣布该“咖啡桌书”正式发布。顿时,全场鼓掌欢呼声不绝于耳,令人动容。 这本丰富多彩的“咖啡桌书”里记录了现代集团过去50年来的奋斗和发展过程。当中有该集团旗下公司各个业务单位的简介、来自其商业伙伴和供应商的贺词,以及主要客户的见证。


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