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Newera Highlights Lever-Less Tyre Changer & Pneumatic Locking Wheel Balancer

Newera Tyre Wheel Balancer

Newera Equipment Supply stresses the importance of investing in the right tyre servicing equipment. 

Newera: Maximising Your Productivity with the Right Products and Solutions

Newera Equipment Supply Sdn Bhd, one of the pioneers in the tyre service industry, always strives to help local operators keep pace with world-leading standards and technology.

“Maximising productivity is an on-going process. Therefore, it is important to get the right tyre servicing equipment and tools to complete your task quickly and efficiently and help improve your bottom line. We carry recognised brands such as Faip, Hunter and Cemb products to enhance your competitiveness in today’s highly competitive business environment. For instance, the lever-less tyre changer and pneumatic locking wheel balancer,” said Senior Product Manager Alex Tiu.

The lever-less tyre changer, he explained, was safe and risk free as it allowed tyre mounting or demounting operations without the use of a conventional tyre lever. This significantly reduced the chances of damaging the wheels while changing the tyres, especially with larger and heavier wheels, making the operations easier and efficient without hurting the operator. Cemb and Faip, he said, both had lever-less tyre changer models that were suitable for all car and Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) wheels.

Meanwhile, he pointed out that the pneumatic locking system of the wheel balancer not only pneumatically locked the wheels onto the shaft but also centred the wheel with precision. It reduced floor to floor time and sped up the operation.

“It is extremely easy and quick to use with very accurate wheel centring. Cemb and Hunter offer many versatile wheel balancer models that are equipped with a pneumatic locking system,” he added.

Training was included, Alex continued, to ensure customers knew how to operate the equipment with the proper procedure.

“When you purchase an equipment from us, you have our whole after-sales service team behind you. With above 30 years of experience and expertise, Newera Equipment Supply after-sales service team is highly trained and well equipped. All our technicians have attended the training provided by the product principals. They could evaluate the site to see if it is suitable and safe to instal the equipment and are skilful to troubleshoot and diagnose when problem arises, if any, for peace of mind. All these ensure that our customers feel confident that they are in the best possible hands.”

Newera Equipment Supply’s after-sales teams are based in Petaling Jaya, Penang, Johor, Sabah and Sarawak.




高级产品经理张建裕表示:“最大化提升生产力是一个持续的过程。因此,取得正确的轮胎维修设备和工具,快速有效地完成任务并帮助业者提高利润非常重要。我们拥有Faip、Hunter和 Cemb等知名品牌的产品,可增强业者在当今竞争激烈的商业环境中的竞争力。例如,无撬杆轮胎拆装机和气动锁定车轮平衡仪。”

他解释说,无撬杆轮胎拆装机安全且无风险,因为它无需使用传统的轮胎撬杆就能安装和拆卸轮胎。这大大减少了更换轮胎时损坏轮辋的机会,尤其是处理更大和更重的轮辋时,操作起来更加安全,轻松和高效,操作员也不会受伤。他说,Cemb 和 Faip 都拥有适用于所有的汽车和休旅车(SUV)轮胎的无撬杆轮胎拆装机款型。


他补充说:“它使用起来非常容易和快速,而且能够准确地进行车轮对准。 Cemb 和 Hunter 推出了多款配备气动锁定系统的多功能车轮平衡仪。”




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