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Stamford Tyres Singapore Opens New Outlet

Stamford Tyres Singapore

Stamford Tyres has invested a total of SDG300,000 to set up the new Stamford Alexandra Mega Mart.

New Stamford Alexandra Mega Mart Opens for Business

With the official opening of the new Stamford Alexandra Mega Mart located at #01-17 and #01-19, Block 1004, Bukit Merah Lane 3, Singapore (159720), the residents of Singapore’s central location now has a new tyre servicing outlet conveniently located at their area.

According to Wee Kok Wah, President, Stamford Tyres International, the establishment of this new outlet in the Alexandra Village Industrial Estate is in line with the company’s strategy of expanding its business reach.

Alexandra Village Industrial Estate is an iconic location famous for old-school mechanic shops. However, with the advancement of technologies, it is absolutely necessary for us to keep up with the way cars are designed and built. We have to upgrade our facility to meet the increased demand of the new generation car owners, who are more discerning and knowledgeable. The new outlet’s strategic location, not only near town, but also near many car showrooms, also allows us to stay closer to car distributors and our corporate business partners located along Leng Kee Road and in the Alexandra area,” added Wee.

Another advantage is with Alexandra Village Hawker Centre (AVHC) located in the heart of it, Alexandra Village Industrial Estate is probably the most well-known industrial estate for good food. Wee pointed out that there are also shopping malls in the area, all helping to draw crowds, which might increase foot traffic of the outlet.

Featuring two connecting shop units totalling 530 square feet, the new outlet is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and staffed by well trained personnel. It has a good tyre display area to assist customers in finding the products they are looking for.

“Aiming to offer the best retail and servicing experience, Stamford Tyres has invested a total of SDG300,000 to set up this new facility,” said Wee. “The outlet specialises in Continental and Asian passenger, sport and super cars, as well as our SSW in house banded imported rims and Rays Japan, upsized from 18-21 inch to match with the high-quality performance tyres that are distributed by us, including Continental, Falken and Firenza brands. Thus, apart from the usual vehicle maintenance and tyre servicing, customers to our new outlet can look forward to a wide variety of premium products and offerings, in addition to shorter waiting times. Also available is a concierge service.”

The opening hours from Monday to Saturday are from 9 a.m. to 7 pm.

Wee revealed that Stamford Tyres are looking to open more of these outlets in the future.


随着位于新加坡#01-17和 #01-19, Block 1004, Bukit Merah Lane 3,全新添福Alexandra Mega Mart 的正式开业,带给新加坡中心位置居民更多便利。如今,他们有了一家座落在他们区域里的新轮胎服务中心。

据添福胶胎国际总裁黄国华表示,这家位于亚历山大村工业区(Alexandra Village Industrial Estate)的新分店,与该公司扩展其业务版图的策略一致。

“亚历山大村工业区是许多老派技师商店聚集的标志性地点。然而,随着技术的进步,我们绝对有必要跟上车辆的设计和制造步伐。我们必须提升设施,以迎合更具洞察力和见识的新一代车主不断提高的要求 。这家位处具策略性位置的分店,不仅近城市,也邻近许多汽车陈列室,使我们能够更接近汽车经销商和我们位于鳞记(Leng Kee)路和阿历山大区的业务合作伙伴。” 他补充。



“添福投资了300,000 新元来设立这个新店,旨在提供最佳的零售和服务经验。这家分店专为欧洲和亚洲轿车、跑车及超级跑车提供服务,也销售我们的自有品牌SSW进口轮圈和日本Rays轮圈,加大轮圈直径从18至21寸,以便与我们分销的轮胎,包括马牌、飞劲及Firenza品牌相配合。除了一般的汽车维修和轮胎服务,客户能够在我们的新分店找到系列广泛的优质产品和服务,还有更短的等候时间和门房服务。”



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