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STC Tyre Mart to Solidify Rovelo Brand Awareness

STC Tyre Mart Rovelo

Targeted at the value segment, the Rovelo products that STC Tyre Mart sold currently were all from Sailun’s Vietnam plant.

Rovelo Tyres Receive Good Market Response

STC Tyre Mart Sdn Bhd, was appointed by Sailun as the Malaysian exclusive distributor for its Rovelo brand in April 2014. Since then, the brand had grown steadily over the years.

“The market response is very encouraging with sales increasing every year. Compared to the major brands that had been around for many years, Rovelo is quite new. This showed the acceptance of Rovelo tyres among the general public, “said Sales Manager Ang Beng Loo.

Targeted at the value segment, Ang pointed out that the Rovelo products that the company sold currently were all from Sailun’s Vietnam plant. Rovelo differentiated itself by focusing on quality and durability with reasonable pricing. In addition, he stressed that Sailun was a Chinese manufacturer that was reputable and trustworthy. The company invested significantly on product research and development. Each tyre was tested off the assembly line to ensure quality before being shipped to customers.

Sailun’s engineers would visit Malaysia at least once or twice every year to collect market information and user feedback for product improvement. Thus, the Rovelo tyres that we bring in are not Chinese tyres designed for the Chinese market, but they are designed according to Malaysia’s climate, road condition and applications to suit local use. In comparing Rovelo UHP tyres to those of competitors, I would say Rovelo’s quality and performance are well worth its value!”

At present, the Rovelo products that STC Tyre Mart carries range from Passenger Car Radial (PCR), Ultra High Performance (UHP) to 4×4/SUV/Light Truck Radial (LTR) tyres.

“For PCR, we have the RHP-A68 and 788 high performance tyres, ranging from 12- to 16-inch that deliver comfort and performance. The Sport A1 UHP tyres, ranging from 15- to 20-inch, feature asymmetrical tread pattern that provides excellent cornering stability while maintaining superior wet traction; wave-like design on the shoulder that helps reduce noise emission and increase cornering capabilities; and groove design that efficiently drains water for safer driving on wet roads. With its efficient self-cleaning performance design, the Road Quest AT off-road light truck/SUV tyre could effectively eject mud, sand, gravel and other debris to improve grip. Its lengthened tread shoulder employs a multi-layered protruding design to improve strength and prevent damage to the carcass, allowing safe off-roading experience. Traction and climbing ability are enhanced through the specially designed tread block pattern that maintains a staggered bite, while traction performance on various road surfaces is increased through a widened running surface.”

Also available are the RCM-601 and RCM-X+ LTR tyres. The former with a rim size of 14- and 15-inch has a multi-directional pattern for strong durability, efficient water drainage and wet traction. It has a buffered sipe design for better driving comfort and unique sidewall design. The latter boasts an optimal sipe design that improves braking and traction performance on wet surfaces, closed shoulder design for better handling and wear performance, and is available in diameter variants of 13- to 16-inch.

The latest pattern that the company introduced is the Road Racer R1 that is suitable for normal road usage as well as drifting or racing. With its big shoulder block design, he said this new semi slick tyre demonstrated increased stability and handling capability. Its sleek and wide shoulder grooves drain water effectively. Greater high speed stability is obtained, thanks to its widen tread and wave-like central rib design. Sizes available are from 15- to 18-inch.

As for the company’s sales channel, Ang said it had established a Rovelo dealer’s network. “Our focus right now is to solidify Rovelo’s brand awareness and the current network. We have plans to bring in more SUV tyres and sizes as well as expand our network, but we would like to do it step by step.”

STC Tyre Mart巩固Rovelo品牌知名度

STC Tyre Mart 私人有限公司于201 4年4月,被赛轮委任为其Rovelo轮胎品牌在马来西亚的独家经销商。自此,该品牌稳定增长。


他指出,以价值领域为目标,该公司所销售的Rovelo产品都来自赛轮的越南工厂。 Rovelo凭借着优良品质和耐磨性,以及合理的价格有别于其他的品牌。此外,他强调说,赛轮是一个信誉良好,值得信赖的中国制造商。该公司在产品研发方面投资巨大。每一条轮胎在下线前都经过测试,以确保运送到客户那里的品质。


目前,STC Tyre Mart所销售的产品系列从轿车子午胎(PCR)、超高性能(UHP)至四驱车/休旅车/轻型卡车子午胎(LTR)。

“在轿车子午胎方面,我们有RHP-A68和788超高性能轮胎,从12至16寸,提供舒适性和性能。Sport A1 超高性能轮胎,从15至20寸,拥有不对称花纹,在提供优异的拐弯稳定性的同时,保持卓越的湿地牵引力。其波浪般的胎肩花纹设计,协助降低噪音和提高转弯能力,以及可高效排水,带来更安全的湿地驾驶的胎沟设计。Road Quest AT越野轻型卡车/休旅车轮胎具有能有效排出泥浆、沙、砾石,以及其他碎片的自洁性能设计, 改善抓地力。其加长,多层突出设计的胎肩,改善力度和避免胎体受损,带来安全的越野体验。它独特的块状花纹设计提高牵引和爬坡能力,保持交错的咬地力,并透过一个较宽的运跑面提高轮胎行驶于各种路况的牵引力。

此外,还有RCM-601和RCM-X+LTR轮胎。前者是一条适合于14和15寸轮辋的轮胎,拥有多向胎纹,耐磨性强大、可有效排水及提供良好的湿地牵引力。它拥有缓冲刀槽花纹,带来更好的驾驶舒适性和独特的胎壁设计。后者是条拥有优化刀槽花纹设计的轮胎,可改善湿地制动和牵引力。 其封闭式的胎肩设计,拥有更好的操控和磨耗性能,尺寸覆盖13 至16 寸。

该公司所引进的最新轮胎款型是Road Racer R1,适用于普通道路、漂移或赛车。他说,该款半光头轮胎拥有大胎肩设计,提供更高的稳定性和操控。其光滑宽阔的胎肩沟槽可有效排水。它那加宽的花纹和波浪般的中央肋纹设计,实现更大的高速稳定性。Road Racer R1 推出从15至18寸的尺寸。


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