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Tayarlo: Experience the Power of Being Different

Tayarlo invites dealers to use our buying power to be more competitive in handling a complex product mix. 

Tayarlo Introduces Minerva Brand 

Founded in 2017 as a multi-brand Ultra-High Performance (UHP) tyre wholesaler that provides on-demand delivery services to automotive tyre dealers in the Klang Valley, Tayarlo today has definitely crafted its unique niche in the market.

“My family had been in the tyre industry since 1970 and grew from a humble tyre retailer to wholesaler. Therefore, I grew up around tyres and the industry. It was not easy when we first started but we managed to gain momentum. In 2020, Tayarlo was appointed by Michelin as its authorised re-distributor. With the Michelin AD programme, we could help many automotive dealers grow their business,” said joint founder Gary Wong.

He pointed out that Tayarlo had the authorisation to register independent dealers who purchased Michelin tyres from the company under the AD programme. “This dealer-friendly programme offers them opportunities for increased profits and streamlined processes.”

Apart from Michelin, Wong said Tayarlo enjoyed an ongoing and successful business partnership with Kit Loong Group, the sole distributor of Pirelli tyres in Malaysia. “We are the authorised wholesaler for Pirelli products. All Pirelli tyres from 17-inch and above are covered by Pirelli Road Hazard Warranty. The dealer is entitled to a one-for-one replacement if the tyre is damaged beyond repair due to road hazards that occurred at >6.0mm of the tyre’s tread depth and/or during six months from the date of purchase (whichever comes first). This warranty only covers Pirelli tyres that are bought from authorised dealers and wholesalers.” 

Besides Michelin and Pirelli, Tayarlo is also the authorised wholesaler for Continental and Bridgestone tyres. “To complement our product portfolio, we brought in Minerva, a premium private brand from Belgium. We tested its tyres for about a year before we decided to bring them in. Currently, we carry five models – F205, F209, 209, Ecospeed SUV2 and Transport RF19.”

The F205, he explained, was a high-performance passenger car tyre with sporty characteristics and unparalleled grip for precise handling with sizes available from 16-inch to 20-inch. Also for passenger vehicles are the F209 and 209. The former provides performance and ride comfort and is offered in sizes from 15-inch to 16-inch while the latter is designed for comfort and balance to deliver a smooth drive; sizes are from 14-inch to 16-inch. 

The Ecospeed SUV2 is an affordable premium tyre for SUVs and Crossovers, featuring ‘balanced economy, excellent sports parameters and unique durability’ in 24 sizes ranging from 16- to 22-inch. Last but not least is Transport RF19, which he said was engineered specifically for van drivers looking for high load capacity as well as durability and good performance. This tyre is only available in two sizes – 185R14C102/100S and 195R15C106/104S.

Looking for Minerva Dealers

“As the sole distributor of the Minerva tyre brand in Malaysia, we are on a new journey of growth. We believe that this is the right timing as inflation causes consumers to be more price conscious and sensitive, and Minerva products are good in quality and value for money.”

It is covered with a four-year warranty for manufacturing defects and We Care Road Hazard Warranty with one-for-one replacement for the same size and design that the customer purchased. However, he said, the tyre must have a minimum tread depth of 6mm or irreparable damage by road hazards within six months of installation. This, he stressed, was to ensure that not only end-customers drove with peace of mind but Minerva dealers sold the products with confidence. 

“We are searching for the right candidates to join our dealership network. We do not have a fixed criteria on dealer selection as we understand the complexity of running a tyre dealership business. Therefore, they could be from our existing dealers who want to expand their product offering to cater to the different needs of customers or new dealers who are looking for a new brand to invest on instead of an established brand due to the high competition in the marketplace.”

The company provides a starter kit to help its new Minerva dealers that includes product brochures, warranty cards, beach flags, roll up buntings and banners.

“Although Minerva is a new brand to the Malaysian market, it is a well-established tyre brand for more than 20 years abroad. Since its introduction in 1992, the brand has developed a strong international dealer network. It is sold in more than 52 countries, with an average sale of six million tyres per year. This clearly reflects its quality, international popularity and recognition.”

Minerva is positioned as a premium budget tyre brand in Malaysia. He pointed out that unlike the parallel importers, the company was here to stay and grow the brand by investing on building the brand and dealer network. 

Convenience, he stressed, was key to customer satisfaction. Therefore, the company has simplified the warranty registration process. Thus, Minerva dealers only need to spend a minute to help end users to register their tyre warranty a part of the company’s value-added services.  

Tayarlo is said to be different from other traditional tyre wholesalers. “Through our expertise in UHP tyres and large capacity with more than 300 UHP (including run-flat) tyre selections at competitive prices, we dare to say we are different. Previously, a dealer keeps a small number of Stock Keeping Units (SKUs). However, with brand proliferation, inventory is a major issue that the dealer faces today. A dealer couldn’t carry all the tyre brands, patterns and sizes on the shelf. Moreover, a UHP tyre costs more than a standard car tyre. That’s where we come into play.”

Not just a tyre wholesaler 

Manned by a team of experienced professionals with a wealth of knowledge and technical know-how in the automotive servicing industry, he stressed that Tayarlo could get the job done in no time and ensured that tyres were delivered with 99 per cent of accuracy. “With a multi-warehouse strategy, we have three warehouses strategically located in the Klang Valley and a newly-opened warehouse in Bangi, which allows us to greatly reduce travel and delivery lead time. The one- to three-hour express delivery and seven-day a week delivery services are currently available for the Klang Valley only and to areas within a 35km radius from the Bangi warehouse.”  

Powered by sophisticated technologies, Tayarlo could streamline its operation and delivery process, making work easier, efficient and accurate. The company prides itself for the fast response in tyre sourcing, prompt delivery, competitive pricing, professional customer service and after-sales support including warranty claims. 

“We are much more than a tyre wholesaler and have always strived to help our dealers to maintain and increase the number of repeat customers through the services that they provide. By partnering with us, they would feel the power of the difference. Obtaining the tyres that they want at the right price is just the start. We invite dealers to use our buying power to be more competitive in handling a complex product mix, allowing us to use our resources and experience to support their business that contribute to their continued growth and profit,” he concluded.




Tayarlo成立于2017年,是一家多品牌超高性能 (UHP) 轮胎批发商,为巴生谷的汽车轮胎经销商提供按需送货服务。如今的Tayarlo已成功在市场上打造了属于自己的独特利基市场。 



除米其林外,黄荣富表示, Tayarlo与马来西亚倍耐力轮胎独家经销商吉隆集团建立了持续且成功的业务合作伙伴关系。 “我们是倍耐力产品的授权批发商。倍耐力 Road Hazard Warranty涵盖所有17寸及以上的倍耐力轮胎。如果胎纹深度> 6.0毫米和/或自购买之日起六个月内(以先到者为准)发生道路危险,导致轮胎损坏无法修复,代理商有权获得一对一更换。此保修仅涵盖从授权经销商和批发商处购买的倍耐力轮胎。”

除了米其林和倍耐力,Tayarlo是马牌轮胎和普利司通轮胎的授权批发商。“为了补充我们的产品组合,我们引进了来自比利时的高端自有品牌米纳瓦(Minerva。在决定引进前,我们用了约一年的时间来测试该品牌的轮胎。目前,我们引进了五种款型——F205、F209、209、Ecospeed SUV2和Transport RF19。

他解释说,F205是一款高性能轿车轮胎,具有运动特性和无与伦比的抓地力和精确操控,尺寸从16寸至 20 寸。F209209也适用于乘用车。前者提供性能和乘坐舒适性,尺寸从15寸到16寸不等,而后者则专为舒适性和平衡性而设计,可提供平稳的驾驶,尺寸从14寸到16寸不等。

Ecospeed SUV2 是一款适用于休旅车(SUV)和跨界车,经济实惠的优质轮胎,共有24种尺寸,从16寸到22寸。它具有平衡的经济性、出色的运动特征和独特的耐用性。至于Transport RF19,他说是一款专为寻求高负载能力和耐用性,以及良好性能的货车司机而设计的。该轮胎仅提供两种尺寸 – 185R14C102/100S和195R15C106/104S。



它享有四年制造瑕疵保修和We Care Road Hazard保修,后者可为客户提供一对一更换与他们购买时同款的轮胎和尺寸。但他说,胎纹的深度必须至少为6毫米或轮胎安装六个月内因道路危险造成无法修复的损坏。他强调,这是为了确保不仅使用米纳瓦轮胎的最终客户可以安心驾驶,代理该品牌的业者也可以放心地销售其产品。


该公司提供了一个入门套件(starter Kit)来帮助新的米纳瓦代理商,其中包括产品手册、保修卡、旗帜、卷式彩旗和横幅。




据悉,Tayarlo不同于其他的传统轮胎批发商。 “凭借我们在超高性能轮胎方面的专业知识和具竞争力价格的300多种,广泛的超高性能轮胎(包括跑气保用轮胎)选择,我们敢说我们确实与众不同。以前,代理商会保留少量库存 (SKU)。然而,随着品牌的激增,库存成为今天代理商面临的主要问题。代理商无法在货架上展示所有的轮胎品牌、款型和尺寸。此外,超高性能轮胎的成本高于标准汽车轮胎,而这正是我们发挥作用的地方。”





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