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Vipal Rubber Sponsors Promising Italian Rally Driver

Vipal Rubber Italian Rally

Vipal Rubber has a tradition of supporting its business partners through various international sports competitions on wheels.

Vipal Rubber Continues to Support Business Partners through Motor Sports

One of the market leaders in Latin America, Vipal is one of the main manufacturers of tyre retreading products, as well as one of the biggest tyre repairs companies in the world. Vipal is also an official sponsor of the driver Fabio Farina, who will compete in the Italian Rally Championship 2021 (CIR), the International Rally Cup (IRCup), the Peugeot Trophy and the Under 25 race.

Fabio, one of the most outstanding drivers of the new Italian generation in his category, is the son of Luca Farina, owner of Ral Gomme SRL, one of the main tyre retreaders in Italy and a partner of Vipal. He has been outstanding in all the competitions he has competed in this year. In the month of September, the pilot took first place in the Peugeot Trophy, took 2nd place in the Under 25 competition and came 3rd in both the CIR DUE and the IRCup CAT R2B. The Peugeot 208 R2 driven by Farina bears the Vipal Rubber brand on the side of the car, which has been seen by spectators in races since he started this season in March. The next stages in the calendar are the Rally Due Vally, on October 10th, by CIR, and the Rally Città de Bassano, by IRCup, on October 22nd and 23rd. The races are streamed live on CIR‘s Facebook and Instagram pages, as well as on RAI Sports TV……

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Vipal橡胶有通过各种国际轮式赛车比赛来支持其业务合作伙伴的传统。 Vipal 是拉丁美洲的市场领导者和轮胎翻新产品的主要制造商之一,也是世界上其中一家最大的轮胎维修公司。 Vipal 还是车手法比奥●法里纳 (Fabio Farina)的官方赞助商,法比奥将参加 2021 年意大利拉力锦标赛 (CIR)、国际拉力杯 (IRCup)、标致奖杯和 25 岁以下赛事。

法比奥是该类别中意大利新一代最杰出的车手之一,他是 Ral Gomme SRL东主卢卡(Luca Farina )的儿子,该公司是意大利的主要轮胎翻新商之一,也是 Vipal 的合作伙伴。法比奥在今年参加的所有比赛中都表现出色。 9 月份,他在标致奖杯中获得第一名,在 25 岁以下比赛中获得第二名,并在 CIR DUE 和 IRCup CAT R2B 中均获得第三名。 法比奥驾驶的标致208 R2车身侧面印有Vipal橡胶品牌,他自本赛季3月份开始以来,凭借着亮眼的表现,让观众留下了深刻印象。下一个赛事是 CIR 于 10 月 10 日举办的 Rally Due Vally和 IRCup 于 10 月 22 日和 23 日举办的 Città de Bassano 拉力赛。这两个比赛都会在 CIR 的脸书和Instagram 页面,以及 RAI 的体育电视上直播……


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