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Vredestein Ultrac Tyre Delivers 15-Per Cent Performance Improvement

Vredestein Ultrac Tyre Delivers

The Vredestein Ultrac recently entered the Malaysian market through Vredestein Malaysia.

Vredestein Ultrac Tyre Enhances Fuel Efficiency and Reduces CO2 Emissions

Designed with a strong focus on safety and comfort, the new tyre series is poised to deliver ‘best-in-class’ performance in wet and dry conditions. With sizes ranging from 15 to 18 inches, these tyres are well suited for a broad array of family and compact cars.

“In addition to Vredestein‘s signature appealing aesthetics, the all-new Ultrac tyre range offers unparalleled handling and cornering, even at high speeds, with a 15-per cent improvement in dry and wet handling compared to its predecessor. This achievement is attributed to an enhanced tyre cavity with a squarer footprint, stiffer tread pattern and central rib with parabolic lateral grooves, all of which work together to enhance steering response and precision for a safe and dynamic driving experience. Furthermore, the tyre’s five-per cent reduction in rolling resistance not only enhances fuel efficiency but also reduces CO2 emissions,” said Area Manager Calvin Yong.

Additional benefits, he continued, included a 10-per cent enhancement in braking performance on dry and wet surfaces compared to its forerunner, thanks to the next- generation tread compound technology. This enhancement was attributed to the new Ultrac tyre, which incorporated a 50-per cent increase in traction-enhancing silica and resin compounds in combination with multifunctional polymers. The advanced pressure distribution in the tyre’s shoulder area also provided higher braking force, leading to shorter braking distances.

Furthermore, he pointed out that the tyre’s design incorporated an optimised sidewall structure with an expanded flex zone, resulting in a five-per cent improvement in driving comfort. Shock absorption was enhanced by the reduced apex height, optimised sidewall construction and increased flex zone to deliver a quieter ride. The tyre pitch sequence was also optimised at different tyre diameters to increase acoustic comfort.

Performance edge

In its annual summer tyre evaluation, Auto Express, one of the UK’s leading motoring magazines, awarded the Vredestein Ultrac a ‘Recommended’ rating. The test, which focused on the 225/45R17 category, involved assessing wet and dry handling, braking performance, rolling resistance and noise among ten tyres from various leading brands. The Ultrac, he highlighted, outshone the competition by securing the top spot for wet handling and a third place overall. Auto Express commended the Ultrac for demonstrating noticeable improvement over its previous generation tyre in dry and wet conditions. The tyre offered a well-balanced performance on both surfaces, with a standout victory in wet handling. Auto Express emphasised the tyre’s superior grip, making it a clear winner on wet roads against rivals.

Meanwhile, prominent German motoring magazine, Auto Zeitung, placed the Ultrac second in its 2022 summer tyre group test. Auto Zeitung evaluated tyres from ten different manufacturers, subjecting them to a comprehensive assessment, including aquaplaning behaviour, wet braking performance and rolling resistance. The publication labelled the Ultrac as a ‘Very Recommended’ tyre for use under several conditions, in particular regions with unpredictable weather. Auto Zeitung highlighted that the Ultrac had the highest aquaplaning reserves and ease of handling.

Yong shared that an increasing number of automobile manufacturers were opting for Vredestein brand products as standard equipment, bolstering the position of this Netherlands-based tyre brand in the European Original Equipment (OE) segment.

Audi chose Ultrac and Sportrac tyres as OE for the Audi A1 Sportback, he revealed. These tyres, manufactured in Hungary, were available in two sizes: 15-inch for the Sportrac (185/65 R15 V) and 17-inch for the Ultrac (215/45 R17 W).

Yong said: “The Audi A1 Sportback sets high benchmarks in refinement, efficiency and handling. The selection of Ultrac and Sportrac as OE equipment underscores the premium dynamic qualities of these tyres.”

Rooted in European heritage

With a legacy spanning over a century, he said Vredestein stood out as one of the world’s most esteemed tyre brands and was deeply rooted in the European heritage. This rich history not only shaped its past but served as the guiding force for its future.

Over the course of its 115 years, Vredestein evolved into a leader in top-tier tyre design and manufacturing, and continued to push the boundaries in pursuit of the ultimate driving experience. Since its inception in 1908, Vredestein remained at the forefront of crafting ‘exceptional’ tyre products for its customers, from its very first tyre in 1910 to the cutting-edge high-performance tyre today.

Innovation is always at the core of Vredestein’s tyre technology journey. Throughout its history, the company’s tyre products not only garnered accolades but also shattered world records and redefined the concept of safe, seamless and precision driving.


威斯登 Ultrac 轮胎性能提升15%


威斯登Ultrac(Vredestein Ultrac) 最近通过马来西亚威斯登(Vredestein Malaysia)进入本地市场。这款非常注重安全性和舒适性的全新轮胎系列,可在干湿路面提供一流的性能。这些轮胎的尺寸介于 15至18寸之间,非常适合各种家庭和紧凑型汽车。

区域经理吴世胜表示:“除了威斯登标志性的迷人美学之外,全新 Ultrac 轮胎系列即使在高速行驶时也能提供无与伦比的操控和转弯性能,与前一代产品相比,干湿地的操控性提高了15%。这一成就归功于其强化的轮胎腔体、较为方形的轮迹、更坚固的花纹以及带有抛物线的横向胎沟中央肋纹。在这些特点的共同作用下,提高了该轮胎的转向反应和精准度,带来安全的动态驾驶体验。此外,该轮胎的滚动阻力也降低了5%,除了更节油,还减少了二氧化碳排放。”

他续说,其他的好处包括,与前一代的相比,干湿路面的制动性能提高了10%,这是因为该轮胎采用了下一代的胎面胶技术。新型 Ultrac 轮胎牵引力的强化来自于它采用了能够将牵引提升50%的硅胶和树脂复合物与多功能聚合物的相结合。先进的胎肩部位压力分布带来更高的制动力,缩短了制动距离。

此外,他指出,轮胎的设计结合了优化的胎壁结构和延长的屈挠区(flex zone),将驾驶舒适性提高5%。通过减少轮胎三角胶高度(apex high)、优化的胎壁结构和增长的屈挠区,提高减震性能,带来更安静的乘坐体验。轮胎节距的顺序也按不同的轮胎直径进行了优化,以减低噪音。


《Auto Express》,英国领先汽车杂志之一,在其年度夏季轮胎测试中授予威斯登 Ultrac“推荐”评级。该测试主要针对 225/45R17规格,评估来自不同领先品牌的 十款轮胎在湿地和干地的操控性、制动性能、滚动阻力和噪音等方面的表现。他指出,Ultrac 轮胎在竞争中脱颖而出,在湿地操控方面排名第一,并在总体排名中名列第三。 Auto Express赞扬 Ultrac在干潮路况下的表现,比上一代轮胎有了明显的改善。该轮胎在上述的两种路面上都提供了均衡的性能,在湿地操控方面表现出色。 Auto Express 强调该轮胎凭借着卓越的抓地力,在湿滑路面上击败竞争对手成为赢家。

此外,Ultrac 轮胎在德国著名汽车杂志《Auto Zeitung》的2022年夏季轮胎组测试中排名第二。 《Auto Zeitung》对来自十家不同制造商的轮胎进行了全面评估,包括打滑、湿地制动性能和滚动阻力。 Ultrac轮胎被该杂志授予“非常推荐”等级,适合在多种路况下使用,特别是在天气不可预测的地区。Auto Zeitung 强调 Ultrac轮胎具有最高的抗打滑能力,而且易于操控。

吴世胜表示,越来越多的汽车制造商选择威斯登品牌的产品作为标准配备,巩固了这个荷兰轮胎品牌在欧洲原装配备(OE)领域的地位。 他透露,奥迪选择 Ultrac 和 Sportrac 轮胎作为奥迪 A1 Sportback 的原配轮胎。这些轮胎在匈牙利制造,有两种尺寸可供选择:15 寸的 Sportrac (185/65 R15 V)和17 寸的 Ultrac (215/45 R17 W)。

他表示:“奥迪A1 Sportback在精致、效率和操控性方面树立了高标杆。选择 Ultrac和Sportrac作为原厂配备突显了这些轮胎的卓越动态品质。”


他表示,深深扎根于欧洲传统和拥有一百多年历史的威斯登是世界上备受推崇的轮胎品牌之一。 威斯登品牌的丰富历史,不仅塑造了它的过去,也成为了它迈向未来的指导力量。

在这115 年里,威斯登逐渐发展成为顶级轮胎设计和制造领域的领导者,并不断突破界限,追求终极驾驶体验。自1908 年成立以来,从1910 年的第一条轮胎到今天的尖端高性能轮胎,威斯登始终走在为客户打造卓越轮胎产品的前沿。




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