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Yokohama Rubber to Launch New Advan Sport V107

Yokohama Rubber Advan Sport

The Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd., announced that it will launch its ultra-high performance Advan Sport V107 as its new global flagship tyre from Spring 2022.

Advan Sport V107 Designed for Premium High Cars

The Company plans to introduce 30 replacement tyre sizes, ranging from 305/35R23 111Y XL to 225/40ZR18 92Y XL, in Spring 2022, increasing the Advan Sport V107 size line-up, including original equipment (OE) sizes for new cars, to 43 sizes. The size line-up will be expanded gradually thereafter to 80 sizes, including OE tyres, by the end of 2022.

The Advan Sport V107 will succeed the Advan Sport V105 as Yokohama’s global flagship ultra-high performance tyre. The Advan Sport V107 has been developed for use on premium high-performance cars, premium high-performance SUVs, and premium electric vehicles (EVs).

While following the Advan Sport V105 concept of providing a perfect balance of driving performance combined with superior comfort and safety characteristics, the new tyre’s dry/wet performance and steering stability surpass the high levels achieved by its predecessor. The tyre’s special asymmetric tread pattern contributes to its ability to deliver the variable performance required from the tread’s inner and outer sides, and its rubber compound incorporates technologies cultivated during the development of OE versions of the tyre for leading premium car manufacturers. Together, these two features deliver a strong grip on dry and wet road surfaces. The Advan Sport V107 applies the cutting-edge matrix body-ply structure used in its predecessor. It also is Yokohama Rubber’s first replacement tire to incorporate the Company’s unique power crown belt cover structure that uses a high-rigidity aramid fibre as well as a newly improved mound profile that strengthens the tyre’s gripping power. These new design features have dramatically increased the tyres’ contribution to the excellent steering stability and comfort at high speeds that are essential qualities for high-power premium cars. The tyre’s sidewall features a new stylish dark design that provides the logo visibility and upscale image appropriate for a global flagship tyre. In addition, the letters “SUV” are inscribed on the sidewall of SUV-size tyres.

In February 2022, Yokohama Rubber plans to hold a series of online events around the world to demonstrate the many appealing features of its new Advan Sport V107 tyres.

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