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A Visit to Tuhu – Leading Chinese Online Automotive Aftermarket Brand

Tuhu Chinese Online Aftermarket

To provide a deeper understanding of the development of the Chinese chain store and a local ‘in-store’ experience, a visit to one of Tuhu’s outlets in Shanghai was included this year as part of the programme for the invited overseas media by the organiser Messe Frankfurt (Shanghai) Co, Ltd.

Tuhu Shares its Success Story

While Automechanika Shanghai maintains its status as a platform for the entire automotive supply chain, the service sector is particular important to the Chinese market. Car ownership reached 217 million vehicles in 2017, ranking China first worldwide in sales for the eighth straight year.

The automotive service sector is one of the most crucial aspects of Automechanika Shanghai and this is reflected in its growing popularity. A glance of the booths in the Chain Stores Zone, one would find a strong collection of domestic and international chain stores, e-commerce businesses and automotive suppliers. This includes ACDelco, Alibaba, Eurorepar, Lopal and Tuhu, among others.

To provide a deeper understanding of the development of the Chinese chain store and a local ‘in-store’ experience, a visit to one of Tuhu’s outlets in Shanghai was included this year as part of the programme for the invited overseas media by the organiser Messe Frankfurt (Shanghai) Co, Ltd. Tuhu is a leading Chinese online platform for automobile services and products.

Established in 2011, Yan Kun, Southern Region Public Relation Manager of Tufu Marketing Department, said the company’s business covered tyre retail and servicing, car beauty and accessories. Today, the company had more than 13,000 cooperative stores and above 700 factory stores across China, covering 405 cities in 31 provinces and municipalities.

“Unlike European or American car owners who prefer DIY car maintenance, the owners in China prefer sending their vehicles to service providers. With the maturing of E-commerce in China, more consumers opt to purchase online. E-commerce continues to be on a rapid growth path in the Chinese automotive aftermarket industry with the increasing number of car owners who are opened to online maintenance service providers. Apart from offline installation, we leverage on the strength of the E-commerce platforms, such as using website, mobile apps, wechat as our sales platform as well as providing online reservation.”

For instance, he explained that consumers could use Tuhu mobile apps (available on both Android and iOS) and TUHU.CN website to buy tyres and other accessories, or book a car wash at one of its store partners throughout the country.

“Our website registered users have exceeded 27 million. According to the traffic management bureau in 2017, the number of China’s private automobiles is 170 million. That means about 15 per cent automobile owners have registered on our website and the number keeps growing. Our transaction users are more than 8 million. Of course, our clients could also reach us through our call centre,” he said proudly.

Tufu was quick in response once an order was placed online across China. Tyre fitting or spare-parts replacement could be carried out on the same day or the latest by the following day. To ensure fast and efficient service, Yan pointed out that the company was constantly upgrading its warehouse and logistic systems.

“We have more than 30 warehouses strategically located in different parts of China. For offline installation, consumers could use our interactive store locator to easily find the store that is nearest to them.”

All of the products that the company sold, he said, were from certified channels to ensure quality. Tuhu cooperated with many local leading Chinese and overseas brands. For tyres, it carried various brands including Michelin, Continental, Dunlop, Pirelli, Giti, Bridgestone, Yokohama, Goodyear and many more.

The Tuhu outlet in Shanghai was very impressive. Well-equipped, bright, spacious and clean with a cozy waiting area. It is staffed with professional and well trained technicians.

“We provide technical training and evaluation for all of our store partners to ensure quality service. All charges are transparent and clearly displayed on the board, thus clients do not have to worry about unexpected charges. Unlike the traditional tyre shop, we focus our efforts on bringing in seamless connectivity, making tyre, lubricant and accessory shopping an experience for the customers,” he added.


作为全汽车产业链交流平台,Automechanika Shanghai在中国汽车市场日渐壮大之际,保持了其领先的地位。2017年中国的汽车保有量达2.17亿辆,汽车销售量已经连续8年位居全球第一位。

汽车售后服务领域一直是Automechanika Shanghai的核心组成部分,从它日益增长的欢迎度就能证明这一点 。走一趟“终端服务连锁服务专区”,你会发现该区内汇聚了中国国内外知名的终端连锁品牌、电商平台及汽车供应商等。这包括了上汽通用科德、阿里巴巴、欧洲维修、龙蟠及途虎养车等。

此次,主办方法兰克福展览(上海)有限公司为了让受邀的海外媒体对中国终端服务连锁店有更深一层的认识和体验,特别安排媒体参观中国领先的在线汽车后市场品牌 —-途虎养车 。


“不同于欧洲或美国车主喜欢自己动手维修车子,中国车主都会将车子送到服务中心。随着中国电子商务的日趋成熟 ,选择在线购买的消费者也越来越多。电子商务在中国汽车后市场行业里的持续快速增长,导致接受线上汽车保养供应商的车主人数不断增加。除了线下安装,我们利用电商平台,如网站、手机应用程序及维信,作为我们的销售平台,提供在线预定。”








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