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Bendix Swiftfit Disc Brake Rotors

Bendix Swiftfit Disc Brake Rotors

Bendix Rotors feature SwiftFit surface protection that allows the rotor to be fitted immediately without the need to clean anti-rust oil from the surface.

Bendix Disc Brake Rotors Offer Latest Braking Technology

Just like a chain, a braking system is only as strong as its weakest link. As an OEM, Bendix says it ensures the highest level of quality and reliability in its products. Bendix adds that it offers its partners in the parts market more than just brake pads, but also all other high-quality components that complement each other ‘perfectly’.

Bendix Rotors offer the latest in braking technology and manufacturing processes that include innovative technologies like Swiftfit coating for faster, easier installation; Stealth Advanced Metallurgy for cleaner, quieter braking and Matrix Machining for smoother, more consistent stopping performance. Bendix rotors are seen as the perfect complement to the extensive Bendix brake pad range.

These leading technologies are said to combine with Bendix’s ‘unparalleled experience and absolute quality assurance’ to ensure the new generation of Bendix brake disc rotors is ready for the demands of today’s vehicles and beyond.

Swiftfit Coating

Bendix Rotors feature SwiftFit surface protection that allows the rotor to be fitted immediately without the need to clean anti-rust oil or coating from the surface. SwiftFit surface protection prevents corrosion of the rotor resulting in an unlimited shelf life, longer fault free service and a rust free rotor hat that is often visible through open alloy wheels. Frequently with uncoated conventional rotors, corrosion could impact the rotor mating with the wheel hub face over time and create a vibration that would feel like a wheel imbalance.

Stealth Advanced Metallurgy

Bendix Rotors incorporate improved noise dampening characteristics and heat dissipation by utilising Stealth Metallurgy that optimises graphite flake formation.

Matrix Machining

Bendix Rotors also feature advanced technology machining that ensures parallelism and eliminates lateral run out to absolute minimal disc thickness variation (DTV). The controlled finish on the working surface ensures quiet, smooth trouble-free braking from the first brake application. This allows fitters to install Bendix Rotors without the extra work required with rotors using inferior finish.

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奔德士 Swiftfit速装刹车碟盘


奔德士刹车碟盘提供最新的剎车技术和制造工艺,包括Swiftfit表层保护膜等创新技术,安装起来快速简易。隐翼高阶治金技术(Stealth Advanced Metallurgy)可以带来更干净和宁静的剎车,而矩阵车工(Matrix Machining)则带来更平稳和一致性的剎车性能。奔德士刹车碟盘与广泛的奔德士剎车片系列完美结合。



奔德士刹车盘采用SwiftFit涂层,可以在无需清洁表层的防锈油或其他涂层的情况下,立即安装刹车盘 。 SwiftFit速装涂层可有效防止刹车碟盘腐蚀,延长存放期限,无故障,以及能够透过开放式合金轮毂看得到的防锈碟盘帽。一般没有涂层的传统刹车碟盘,通常会随着时间的推移而生锈腐蚀,影响到碟盘与轮毂面的贴合性,并且导致感觉起来像是车轮不平衡的振动。  


奔德士刹车碟盘采用隐翼高阶治金技术 ,优化石墨片层,达到改善噪音和散热效果。


奔德士刹车碟盘还采用了先进的车工技术,可以优化碟盘平行度,并且消除横向偏移,确保绝对最小碟盘厚度变化(DTV)。 精密表面加工处理,从第一次刹车就给车主带来最安静、顺畅、零故障刹车。这也让安装奔德士刹车碟盘的人员,不需因碟盘使用劣质的材质而进行多余工作。


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