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Kai Shen Marketing Brings Rydanz Brand to Malaysia

Kai Shen Rydanz Malaysia

As the sole distributor of Rydanz tyres in Malaysia, Kai Shen carries the full range, from PCR tyres, SUV tyres, 4×4 tyres to RFT.

Kai Shen arketing Invests in Rydanz Brand

Kai Shen Marketing Sdn Bhd, a well-known specialist in tyres, batteries, alloy wheels and lubricants in Malaysia, brought the Rydanz tyre brand recently to the local market.

“Tyre is still our core product, which accounts for about 60 per cent of our business. The reason for us in bringing in Rydanz is to provide more options to the consumers. Produced by Duratti Rubber Corporation Co, Ltd in China, Rydanz is not a big brand but the Rydanz brand of tyres is selling quite well in its home market as well as being exported to the US,” said Managing Director Lee Kam Wah.

Why Rydanz? Lee pointed out that the company was impressed by Duratti Rubber Corporation as it only focused on a single brand, unlike the other Chinese companies that produced multiple brands and manufactured for others.

“Their tyre quality is good. The first container arrived in March last year and we received positive feedback from our dealers. 90 per cent of our existing dealers decided to sell our new Rydanz brand, which is a powerful testimony in that they have confidence in us and our Rydanz products. In addition, the market response is also quite encouraging,” added Marketing Director Um Chul Kyu.

As the sole distributor of Rydanz tyres in Malaysia, the company carries the full range, from Passenger Car Radial (PCR) tyres, Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) tyres, 4×4 tyres to Run-flat tyres (RFT). However, Lee revealed that the company was targeting the mid-range segment. The Rydanz RFT and SUV tyres were the company’s key products. As nearly every BMW came standard with RFT today, he said Durratti Rubber Corporation would continue to develop Rydanz RFT for BMW and add these specifications to its existing wide RFT range.

“We see great potential in the Rydanz RFT. Besides the second owners of the luxury car who look for good quality tyres at competitive prices, there is also demand from other car owners. RFT enhance safety and reduce the risk of accident; it is a technology that was developed as a solution to overcome the danger of sudden blowouts and tyre deflation to ensure the vehicle remains controllable. RFT allows you to continue driving after a puncture for up to 80km, so that you could take time to find a workshop, reducing the risk of changing the tyre by the roadside. Your safety is always our utmost concern and we would like to make RFT more affordable for everyone. Rydanz RFT is competitively priced with its pricing being slightly higher than the normal tyres of the major brands,” added Lee.

Lee admitted that it required time and effort in selling the idea to end-users. “We have to convince the dealers first. With Rydanz RFT, safety is not as costly as they think and it is covered by a one-year road hazard warranty. Rydanz is a new brand in the market, but we are pleased to see that our sales are increasing gradually.”

Unlike the other distributors that sell their products through dealers and wholesalers, Kai Shen Marketing believes strongly that it needs to protect its dealers by not appointing any wholesalers.

Currently, there are more than 10 dealers carrying the Rydanz signage. “We have plans to expand our dealer network and would continue to invest in branding activities. The Rydanz brand was involved in the Touring Car Series in Asia (TCSA), which was established in 2012 with a calendar comprising races at a number of circuits in Asia, Thailand, China, Indonesia and Korea. TCSA successfully held Round 1 and 2 at the Sepang International Circuit, Malaysia in April 2019 recently. Rydanz is the official tyre brand for TCSA and the tyre used is Rydanz Revimax RF300RS, which is designed for track and ideal for hard driving,” Lee said.

He continued that Round 9 and 10 would be held from 27th to 29th September at the Sepang International Circuit.  “We plan to bring our dealers to the race so that they could look at the performance of the Rydanz slick tyres when they are being push to the limit, as we feel that seeing is believing.”

Um stressed that Duratti Rubber Corporation invested significantly on research and development. “Rydanz RFT and competition tyres are the result of its commitment to technology and innovation.”

Established in 2011 with an investment of US$468 million and a total land area covering 1,000,000 square metres, the factory of Duratti Rubber Corporation is designed for an annual production capacity of 15 million PCR tyres.



“轮胎仍然是我们的核心产品,占了我们总业务份额的大约60%。我们将雷登引进国内的原因是为了为消费者提供更多选择。由中国山东多路驰股份有限公司(Duratti Rubber Corporation Co., Ltd )制造的雷登轮胎, 虽不算大品牌,但它在中国国内拥有良好销售量, 而且还出口到美国。”董事经理李金华表示。







目前,共有超过10名代理挂上了雷登的招牌。“我们计划扩充我们的代理网络,并将继续投资在品牌活动上。雷登品牌参与亚洲房车系列(TCSA),这个在2012年开始举办的房车赛系列,会在不同的亚洲国家如泰国、中国、印尼及韩国等赛车场进行比赛。2019年4月间,TCSA在马来西亚雪邦国际赛车场成功举办了第1和第2圈的比赛。 雷登是该系列的官方轮胎品牌,他们采用的是专为赛道和强硬驾驶所设计的雷登Revimax RF300RS。”李金华表示。




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