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Lau Sincere Autowagon Streamlines Operations with Webmax Cloud-Based Car Workshop Solution

Lau Sincere Autowagon Webmax
Lau Sincere Autowagon Webmax

Johor Bahru-based Lau Sincere Autowagon Services adopted Webmax cloud-based car workshop solution about one and a half years ago.

Lau Sincere Autowagon Selects Webmax System

“The company was using another system before switching to Webmax. The reason for making the change was because the previous system is not designed specifically for workshops and therefore could not support the company’s daily operations effectively,” said General Director Lai Thian Wai.

In his quest for a more suitable solution, Lai scoured the internet and came across Webmax. Instead of making an impulsive decision, he consulted with industry counterparts. “The majority expressed satisfaction with the solution, which led the company to decide giving it a try.”

What impressed him particularly about the system was its capacity for remote access to applications and data, enabling users to work from virtually anywhere, anytime on any device with internet access. With the Webmax system, he noticed the benefits it brought to the management of inventory and ordering processes….

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位于柔佛州新山的高山轮胎有限公司(Lau Sincere Autowagon Services), 大约在一年半前采用了 Webmax 云端修车厂解决方案。


为了寻找更合适的解决方案, 黎天明搜索了互联网并发现了Webmax。然而,他并没有立马做决定,而是咨询了业界同行。“大多同业都对这个解决方案表示满意,我们因此决定试一试。”




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