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Malaysian Dealers Visit Westlake Tyre Plant in Thailand

Malaysian Dealers Westlake Tyre

Westlake Marketing Malaysia recently organised a dealer incentive trip to Pattaya and Rayong, Thailand. The main focus of the trip was to visit the Westlake tyre factory in Rayong. A group of 39 people, of which 31 were dealers, embarked on the trip from 8th to 11th April, 2018. 

Malaysian Dealers Explore Westlake Tyre Plant in Thailand

“Last year, our dealers visited the Westlake Tyre plant in Hangzhou, China and this year we decided to bring them to the Thailand plant. The feedback from the dealers on the Thai factory was positive. They were impressed by the sheer size of the factory and the fully air-conditioned production area to ensure no contamination that generally has a negative impact on the quality,” said Tan Heong Thong, Managing Director of Westlake Marketing (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd.

Set up 2 years ago, he said this Thai factory was in rapid expansion to cater for the increasing market demand. “The products that they produced here include Passenger Car Radial (PCR), SUV, 4×4, MPV and Truck and Bus Tyres Radial (TBR) tyres, and they are all proven good in quality. This is a clear testament for Westlake Tyre in providing premium quality products with stringent quality control while maintaining affordable pricing. It also shows that Westlake Tyre has successfully trained the local personnel to become skilled workers and the significant investment in modern high-tech equipment has paid off.”

Currently, Tan revealed that the factory was running at full capacity due to the high demand, especially from the US.

Westlake PCR and TBR tyres have gained increasing popularity in the market. Westlake premium UHP tyre – the Sport RS – is in good demand among drifters and competition drivers, while the TBR tyres are well received in the fleet industry. Many fleet customers are happy with the safety, durability and reliability of Westlake TBR tyres. Reasonable pricing, good performance and retreadability have attracted a consistent stream of enquiries from potential fleet customers,” he added.

Westlake is a tyre brand under Hangzhou Zhongce Rubber Co, Ltd, the largest tyre manufacturer in China. “We are impressed by the commitment and seriousness that Zhongce Rubber has put in the tyre business. They have 1,000 staff in their research and development centre in Hangzhou, China. This enables them to improve their existing products and develop innovative products that drive further growth.”

As Westlake Tyre’s official distributor for West Malaysia, Tan said the company would continue to improve Westlake branding by putting advertisements in newspapers and magazines as well as looking at adding more Westlake branded shop signage to increase brand visibility. Currently, he is looking for more business partners who are interested in putting up the Westlake brand signage.

Apart from the factory visit, the dealers had a chance to explore Pattaya. Among the places of interest that they visited were Wat Phra Yai Temple Big Buddha, Nong Nooch Village and Viharnra Sien.


大马威狮行销于2018年4月8日至11日,为其代理主办了一个芭提雅和罗勇奖励游。此次奖励游的重点是参观威狮的泰国工厂。该公司一团39人 ,其中代理占了31人。




“威狮轿车子午胎和卡客车子午胎的市场知名度不断提高。威狮的Sport RS超高性能优质轮胎相当受飘移车手和赛车手的欢迎,而其卡客车子午胎在运输车队也深获好评。许多的车队客户都非常满意威狮卡客车子午胎的安全、耐用及可靠性。此外,威狮轮胎的合理价格、良好性能及可翻新性也吸引了潜在客户连接不断的询问。”他补充。

威狮是杭州中策橡胶有限公司,中国最大轮胎制造商旗下的一个品牌。“我们对中策对轮胎业务的承诺和认真印象深刻。该公司的中国杭州研发中心有1,000名员工 ,这使他们能够改善现有产品和开发创新产品,推动未来的业务增长。”


除了参观工厂,代理业有机会发掘芭提雅的美景。他们游览了Wat Phra Yai庙大佛像、东巴热带植物园及芭提雅淡浮院。

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