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Michelin Designed a Tyre Specially for the Mercedes-AMG One

Michelin Tyre Mercedes-AMG One

In order to reveal the potential of its hypercar, Mercedes-AMG chose Michelin to design a custom-made tyre for its AMG One

Michelin and Mercedes-AMG is Entering A New Chapter

Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 R – MO1 was developed in conjunction with Michelin in partnership with the AMG teams to meet their requirements in terms of unique performance on both the track and the road. The tyre performance is more than just an imperative for this exceptional car. It is a determining feature of the search for safety, precision and driving pleasure, while being perfectly in line with the vehicle’s signature. Speed enthusiasts can also race against the clock with a pure slick tyre designed for track use only.

The choice of rubber compounds that stem from motorsport offers both a very high level of grip and wear resistance to go even further on the track. The Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 R – MO1 benefits from a rubber compound that has been coupled with a specific bead zone developed for the AMG One in order to offer a driving pleasure that is unique on the track with a very high level of grip, excellent stability at high speeds, faster cornering and extremely high traction and balance on corner exit.

In many respects, the Mercedes-AMG One is a very extreme vehicle with many technologies borrowed from top-level motorsport. This tyre combines a slick-like grip level with precise handling and a unique design. The sidewall features the silhouette of the Mercedes-AMG One and, it also bears the MO1 marking. The tyre developed by Michelin features the with few latest technologies. Firstly, a hybrid belt made of aramid and nylon that ensures optimum transmission of drive inputs to the road. The tyre is developed with a tyre structure that improves the tyre’s response to steering inputs and increases the sporty feeling. An external shoulder is reinforced with a special rubber that is highly resistant to abrasion for optimum endurance on the track.

Futhermore, a bi-compound technology is also inserted, a specific rubber compound on the outer shoulder which is perfectly suited to providing maximum grip on dry ground in tight corners and a more rigid elastomer on the inner side in order to offer a requirement essential to AMG, driving precision on both the track and the road. In addition to the road-legal tyre, there is also a fully slick tyre for the AMG One, comprising a mixture of specific rubbers for track driving. This solution is used by Michelin in car motorsports to create exceptional tyres. The mixture of hard rubbers adapts to the highest track temperatures in order to deliver consistent performance lap after lap.

The Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 R tyre ultimately stands out for the refined aesthetics of its sidewalls, designed specifically for the AMG One. On the side of the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 R – MO1, they sport an exclusive design based on the “Premium Touch Technology”, a “velvet effect” technology created by Michelin to highlight the sporty silhouette of the Mercedes-AMG One. The “MO 1” shown on the tyres serves as a signature for this tyre. The sidewall of the pure slick tyre borrows the official Michelin Motorsport colours. The slick tyre also has a specific and unique design for this car, bearing the silhouette. This tyre in a brand-new size specifically for the AMG One is available in 19” and 20” diameters.

This new Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 R tyre reflects a renewed partnership and trust. It will be fitted to all 275 exceptional vehicles and will only be manufactured in Clermont-Ferrand, France. The Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 R tyre is available in two dimensions for the Mercedes-AMG One which is,  285/35 ZR 19 (103Y) XL and 335/30 ZR 20 (108Y) XL.

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