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Mobile App for eMax Accounting Software

Mobile App eMax Software

The popular eMax Accounting Software is also available as a mobile app on Google Play

Revolutionizing Accounting: Unveiling the Mobile App for eMax Software

It is geared towards tyres, vehicle after-sales, automotive and related industries, and offered by Synermax Consulting Pte Ltd and its Malaysian partner Webmax Techonogies Sdn Bhd.

Billed as responsive and user-friendly, eMax (to be renamed Webmax soon) is a web-based ordering, invoicing, stock controlling and GST ready accounting software.

It is the top-selling cloud-based accounting software for more than two years and the most trusted and comprehensive software of its kind in the market. The innovative accounting software would see a name change from eMax to Webmax in the near future.

“This is because the name eMax is quite common and could be confusing for many. The accounting software would still be the same, albeit with a few improved features, and would be called Webmax for better brand differentiation,” said WebmaxTechnologies Business Director Yap Seong Kok.

The eMax Accounting Software is improved with new features such as vehicle checklist, appointment module, service reminder and CRM (customer relationship management).

“It enables searching and locating the latest service records of the vehicle. With these new features, the automotive workshop would definitely enjoy better relationships with their customers,” said Yap.

With the new vehicle checklist, the vehicle’s components and systems are highlighted via colour codes (Green – No immediate action); (Yellow – May require future attention); and (Red – Immediate action needed).  “Customers could know which parts of the vehicle are running in good or critical condition with this new updated feature,” he added.

The eMax Accounting Software is regularly updated with newer versions to reflect changes and new deductions in the GST Tax Code. “Our customers do not need to worry about any changes in the GST Tax Code.”

Due to the increasing popularity of the eMax Accounting Software, the customer support team at Webmax Technologies is expanded with additional personnel.

“We want to give our customers a best-in-class support service and experience. We aim to resolve issues quickly and gain higher customer satisfaction,” said Yap.

View data on-the-go with eMax mobile app

Yap said with the new mobile app platform, eMax could be accessed on all devices including the iPad, iPhone or Android devices at any time and place. “Users could view data on-the-go and run their business conveniently via their smartphones. Owners or sales personnel could check stock availability even when they are not in the workshop, create new sales order easily via the app, view the company’s monthly sales report, cash and bank account balances, sales ordered by the day and customers’ details.”

While it is aimed at automotive workshop operators, tyre and rim retailers, and wholesalers, it is also applicable to many sectors including retreading, trading, wholesaling and transportation.

Add-on modules are available for those who want to control or monitor business outlets from a central base as well as those who need B2B, SMS reminder, rebate/incentive functions and retreading, or owners of multiple business entities and different company names. For many companies, the rebate/incentive module is particularly useful as it allows users to streamline and automate their rebate/incentive process.

Besides the standard eMax Accounting Software package, customised solutions according to the requirements and needs of users could also be developed.

Synermax and Webmax Technologies have more than 18 years of industry experience in building cost-effective web-based and mobile workplace solutions for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

In May, Webmax Technologies would participate in an automotive products and equipment exhibition organised by Persatuan Tayar Malaysia Utara in conjunction with the association’s celebration dinner. The exhibition venue would be at the Restaurant Daily Fish (Butterworth) carpark and held from 12 noon to 7pm on 20th May, 2018.

“We would be participating in many tyre and automotive events in Malaysia this year as we want to promote the eMax Accounting Software and mobile app. We want more people to know us and we would give a free 14-day trial for the software and mobile app during such events.”

Webmax Technologies also plans to heavily promote the software and mobile app to the automotive workshop market in Penang this year.

eMax 会计软件推出手机应用程序

深受市场欢迎的eMax 会计系统,如今推出能够在Google Play下载的手机应用程序。






汽车的零部件和系统,在汽车检查表上以不同的颜色来标示(绿色-无需马上行动),(黄色 –未来或需加以注意)及(红色 -需马上行动)。“有了这个新增的功能,客户就能知道车辆的哪一个部分运行良好或状况严重。 ”他补充。





叶祥国表示,透过新的手机应用程序平台,eMax能够在任何时间任何地点用于所有装置,包括iPad、iPhone 或Android。“用户能够以他们的智能手机即时查看数据和经营业务。业主或销售人员即使人不在修车厂也能检查库存情况,通过应用程序建立新销售订单 ,查看公司每个月的销售报告、现金及银行存款余额,当天的销售订单及客户详细资料。





Webmax科技将参加5月5月20日,从下午12时至晚上7时于北海Restaurant Daily Fish停车场举行的汽车产品和设备展。此展会由北马轮胎公会主办,展会之后则是公会一年一度的联欢晚会。

“我们今年将积极参与许多马来西亚的轮胎与汽车活动 ,以推广eMax会计软件和手机应用程序。我们想要通过这些活动,让更多人知道我们目前所提供的14天免费软件和手机应用程序试用期。”


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