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Emkay Tyre: eMax Online System Provides Complete Sales and Inventory Control

Emkay Tyre eMax Online System

Sungai Buluh-based Emkay Tyre Auto Services Sdn Bhd had been in the tyre business since 1988. The company started using eMax Online System in 2003 and described the system as a powerful tool that allowed it to have complete control over its sales and inventory.  

Emkay Tyre: eMax Online System for Comprehensive Sales and Inventory Control

eMax Online System has many modules. Currently, we are using the sales and inventory module. Before that, everything was done manually. With the system, we benefit from an automatic and thorough solution. It improves the efficiency of our sales and inventory process significantly. For instance, a single transaction entry records all the necessary details on the customer, products purchase, price and date. At the same time, we are updating inventory levels. Manual input is kept to a minimum. This saves a lot of time and manpower as well as reduces human error,” said Lee Wan Cheng of Wholesale Department.

Work load and stress levels, she continued, were reduced as well. Less time was spent on paperwork, inventory management, sales record keeping as well as managing marketing programmes such as special discounts or promotions.

“We are able to update product count automatically in real time, automate purchase orders, achieve better stock control, increase sales efficiency and more. The system also provides us a clear picture of the fast selling products, what products are being sold or are lagging in sales. This allows us to order the right products and decide when to reorder as well as implement the right marketing strategies for the popular products and the slow moving items. In addition, we can view real-time sales performance and stock availability across all our branches.”

She pointed out that this web-based system, which was developed by Webmax Technologies, was very user friendly. With only two training sessions, the company could operate the system independently.

“The system functions smoothly almost all the time. However, when we encounter problems, Webmax Technologies is very quick in response. They provide very good after-sales service and technical support.”

Though there are many workplace solutions in the market, she finds the eMax Online System as the most suitable. She said this was because Webmax Technologies was very involved in the tyre business and automotive servicing workplace solutions, including tyre retail and wholesale business, tyre servicing and retreading. The company had long been recognised by the industry as the expert in this area

“It is very easy to communicate with them as they understand the nature of our business, the needs and requirements especially when we need them to customise certain module for us. In addition, the pricing is very reasonable,” she added.

Emkay Tyre’s humble beginning took off when founder Lee Heng Kiat, Wan Cheng’s father, set up his tyre retreading business after working in the Kayel Prai plant for 10 years.

“I moved to Kuala Lumpur in 1986 and started as a tyre retreading service provider. I collected tyre casings, passed them to retreaders and sold them to tyre shops. However, the shortage of casings led me to expand to new tyre retail and wholesale business in 1992,” said Heng Kiat.

Today, the company has three tyre centres; two in Sungai Buluh and one in Jinjang. “Of the two tyre centres in Sungai Buluh, one carries Michelin and the other Silverstone. The Jinjang tyre centre carries the Silverstone signage. We specialise in passenger car and light truck tyre retail and wholesale.”

The brands the company carries included Silverstone, Toyo, Yokohama, Michelin, Neuton and Achilles. With 8 of its own trucks, the company’s tyre wholesale business covers the Klang Valley and northern Malaysia.

Wan Cheng revealed the company’s intention of adopting the Webmax B2B System in the near future. “Though many customers are still not comfortable with going online or using their mobile to view products and inventory for an instant quote and purchase, particularly older customers, we believe that the time will come. With the retail and wholesale markets continuing to move online, we need to be ready. To stay ahead of competition, we have to improve business efficiency.”

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