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Stamford Tyres Falken Dealers Dinner Party

Stamford Tyres Falken Dealers

Stamford Tyres hosted a Falken Dealers Dinner Party on 17th September, 2017 at the Kingdom Palace, Tropicana City Mall

Stamford Tyres Hosts Falken Dealers Dinner Party

A total of 130 people attended the event, including VIPs from Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd (SRI) and Stamford Tyres Corporation Limited. They were Ikuji Ikeda, President and CEO; Satoru Yamamoto, Director and Senior Executive Officer; Satoru Ushida, Managing Director; Wu Xiao Ning, Manager, Sales and Marketing as well as Lee Kok Chiang, Executive, Sales and Marketing of SRI; Wee Kok Wah, President and Dawn Wee, Executive Director of Stamford Tyres Corporation Limited; Datin Anne Leong, Director and Cham Soon Kian, Executive Vice President and CEO of Stamford Tyres Malaysia.

Stamford Tyres Malaysia also took the opportunity to celebrate Dawn Wee’s and Datin Anne Leong’s birthday and the 47th wedding anniversary for Mr and Mrs Wee with the dealers to reflect the close relationship between the dealers and the company.

The dinner was filled with entertainment and laughter. It also served as a platform for the company to provide updates and catch up with the dealers as well as for the dealers to mingle with each other.

To ensure that the SRI’s representatives had a more fruitful visit, the company planned more activities for them. They visited Falken dealers and Stamford Tyres Malaysia office on the second day of their itinerary.

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