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Yokohama Advan Sport V107 & Advan Neova AD09 Tyres Launched in Malaysia

Yokohama Tyre Sales Malaysia Sdn Bhd recently launched two new Advan series – the Advan Sport V107 and Advan Neova AD09 tyres.

Yokohama Advan Sport V107 and Advan Neova AD09 Demonstrate Cutting-edge Technology

In 2005, Yokohama Rubber began promoting Advan as its global strategic brand. Since the first release of the Advan range, Yokohama Rubber continuously enhanced the brand’s image by building an extensive brand line-up and promoting the tyres as Original Equipment (OE) on many of the world’s leading premium cars as well as supplying the tyres to cars competing in motor sports events around the world. Today, the efforts have been paid off as Advan has become the company’s global flagship brand that epitomises superior performance, high quality and cutting-edge technology, values that Yokohama Rubber has become known for.

Featuring an asymmetric tread pattern, the Advan Sport V107 is an ultra-high-performance tyre developed for premium high-performance cars and SUVs. With the cutting-edge matrix body-ply structure, the tyre has enhanced precision in steering without compromising comfort. This structure also contributes to excellent performance in the dry by conveying power effectively to the road’s surface……

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横滨Advan Sport V107 和 Advan Neova AD09 轮胎大马上市

横滨轮胎销售马来西亚私人有限公司推出了两款全新的Advan系列- Advan Sport V107 和 Advan Neova AD09 轮胎。

2005年,横滨橡胶开始将Advan作为其全球战略品牌进行推广。自 Advan首次发布以来,横滨橡胶不断提升该品牌的形象,并建立起广泛的产品阵容。不仅为世界众多高档汽车供应原装配备(OE)轮胎,还为世界各地赛车运动中的汽车提供轮胎。这些努力都获得了回报,如今Advan已成为该公司的全球旗舰品牌,展现了横滨橡胶众所周知的卓越性能、高质量和尖端技术。

Advan Sport V107 拥有不对称的花纹,是一款专为高端高性能汽车和休旅车(SUV)开发的超高性能轮胎。采用先进的“矩阵胎体帘布层结构”,在不影响轮胎的舒适性下提高转向精度。这种结构还通过将动力传送到路面,助力轮胎发挥出色的干地行驶性能…….


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