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Toyo Introduces 3 New Tyres to Malaysian Market

Toyo Tyres Malaysian Market

Toyo Tyre Sales and Marketing Malaysia (TSM) recently introduced 3 new tyres – Proxes CF2, CF2 SUV and Proxes STIII – at the Toyo Centre Seminar, held at Hotel Equatorial Penang, that were attended by owners of Toyo Premium Auto Centres and Toyo Auto Centres.

Toyo Introduces Three New Tires to the Malaysian Market

Kanji Kasai, chairman of Toyo Tyre Sales and Marketing Malaysia, in unveiling the tyres said the new offerings, all made in Japan, would give Malaysian motorists an even wider choice of models that incorporated the latest technologies, including Nano Balance Technology and T-Mode.

Toyo Tires says Proxes CF2 is created to take full advantage of the latest materials, structures and tread patterns to guarantee a high level of comfort, safety, durability and fuel savings.

Its new tread pattern provides improved water drainage and enhanced aquaplaning resistance with its wider main grooves; low noise and improved handling with the new shoulder rib block design; lower rolling resistance, long wear life and excellent wet or dry braking performance through its optimal pattern stiffness; and improved handling and tyre wear performance with its even contact pressure distribution.

The new tyre construction provides improved wet performance, long wear life and low rolling resistance by utilising Toyo TiresNano Balance Technology that incorporates special silica compounds, super active polymer, wear resistant polymer and grip polymer. High speed durability and precise uniformity is achieved through its joint-less cap ply; linear steering response and durability with its polyester casing with high hardness bead filler; and low rolling resistance and comfort though its lightweight construction.

This tyre is available in 13 sizes ranging from 16 to 18” rim diameter

The Proxes CF2 SUV was developed for Crossovers, 4x4s and compact SUVs. This SUV-centric tyre incorporates all the latest features of the Proxes CF2 with the identical aim of achieving superior comfort and safety.

It is available in 5 sizes ranging from 17” to 19” rim diameter. 

This is supported by the Proxes STIII premium urban sport tyre for SUVs, CUVs and 4x4s. It has a unidirectional tread and sidewall design with an aggressive and sporty image. An important safety feature is the improved wet braking performance.

Good wet performance and improved water drainage is achieved with the ‘lightning’ groove tread design.

It looks aggressive too with the parallelogram block created in the image of a stealth fighter, which is designed with wide and stiff blocks for ‘excellent performance’ in the dry. They are said to be less susceptible to deformation during emergency braking, offering better tyre contact with the road surface.

The ‘Arrowhead Taper‘ tread pattern is designed for straight line stability and wet performance as well as high block stiffness and efficient water drainage.

Toyo Tires says this tyre’s construction benefits from silica compounds utilising the Nano Balance Technology for improved wet performance; 2 carcass plies casing and high hardness bead filler for excellent handling and stability; joint-less cap and edge ply for high speed performance; while high tensile steel belts ensure excellent handling. The rim protector protects the rim from scratching.

The tyre is available in 9 sizes ranging from 16” to 22” rim diameter.

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