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Yokohama Rubber’s Advan and Geolandar Tyres Coming Factory-equipped on New Mazda CX-60

Geolandar Tyres Mazda CX-60

The tyre sizes being supplied for new Mazda CX-60 include 235/60R18 103V and 235/60R18 107V Advan V61 tyres and 235/60R18 103H Geolandar X-CV tyres.

Mazda Selects Advan V61 and Geolandar X-CV Tyres as OE for its New Crossover SUV

The Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd., is supplying its Advan V61 and Geolandar X-CV tyres as original equipment (OE) to Mazda’s new crossover SUV, the Mazda CX-60, sales of which were launched in Europe, Japan and other markets in September 2022. The tyre sizes being supplied include 235/60R18 103V and 235/60R18 107V Advan V61 tyres and 235/60R18 103H Geolandar X-CV tyres.

The Advan V61 tyre being supplied as OE is a high-performance tyre in Yokohama’s global flagship Advan brand. The tyre contributes to the Mazda CX-60’s superior handling performance while also contributing to a comfortable and quiet ride for everyone in the cabin. In addition, the Advan V61 is highly wear resistant and displays exceptional hydroplaning resistance that provides superior wet grip performance. The tyre also achieves low rolling resistance, a feature usually considered incompatible with these other characteristics.

Meanwhile, the Geolandar X-CV represents a new dimension in highway terrain tyres that Yokohama Rubber developed to meet the M+S (mud & snow) standard for high-performance crossover SUVs, which have increasingly focused on high-speed performance and maneuverability in recent years. In addition to providing superior handling and comfortable ride, the Geolandar X-CV is capable of tackling the most difficult road conditions.

The tyres being supplied as OE for Madza CX-60 were developed by utilising specialised tuning to match their tread pattern, profile, and tyre structure to the vehicle characteristics, while also using Yokohama Rubber’s proprietary Humans and AI ColLaborate (HAICoLab), an AI-based development framework that aims to foster new discoveries and digital innovation by merging human inspiration and creativity with

AI’s enormous data processing capability. To achieve the highly quiet ride, an optimal pitch sequence was obtained using evolutionary computation (genetic algorithms), one of the technologies incorporated in HAICoLab. The innovative technologies applied in development of the tyres are based on new knowledge obtained by collecting actual data and virtual data generated by simulations and then using AI’s predict, analyse and search functions.

Having outstanding environmental and safety performance that meet the standards of modern society, the Mazda CX-60 is a two-row, mid-sized SUV that allows the driver to enjoy not only everyday driving but also long-distance drives on the expressway.

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